How to Build a Fitted Wardrobe on a Budget

Having a fitted and personalized wardrobe is now a common trend among many homeowners.

The typical wardrobe models often appear to be too small, not conceivable enough, and impractical. Many people struggle to fit all of their clothes in or find a proper corner for the wardrobe in the bedroom. Needless to say, it leads to a horrible mess and frustration.

To make life more comfortable, homeowners build fitted wardrobes instead of buying the ones available. The most significant difference between a fitted wardrobe and a typical wardrobe is that the fitted one is much more than just storing clothes. Most modern fitted wardrobes are designed to use the available space to the maximum and provide areas for a varied range of items such as jewelry, suitcases, belts, watches, etc.

If you are looking for a house with already built-in bedroom furniture, you may want to check out the new website of Richard Pattisall. If you wish to test your manual skills while saving some money at the same time, here are the best tips on how to build a fitted wardrobe cheaply:

Organize The Bedroom

White Bed Next to White Accent Table

Bedroom furniture often takes a lot of space in the room. The bed itself is an excellent place-taker, not to mention all the bedside tables, wardrobes, carpets, desks, and armchairs found in various bedrooms.

If you want to install a DIY wardrobe, you will need to organize the space first. Declutter the bedroom, and decide what pieces of furniture are essential. Once you get rid of the useless furniture, like a coffee table that you never use, find a perfect spot for the fitted wardrobe.

Think like an interior designer for a moment. Go through the project’s possible aspects, including the potential inconveniences, such as the difficulty opening the doors or using too much of the room’s space.

Once you know where and why you want to build the fitted wardrobe, it is time to take on further steps.

Think Of The Doors

White Wooden Shelf

Deciding on the doors is a crucial factor when it comes to determining how your fitted wardrobe should look like. There are three possibilities when it comes to this subject – hinged doors, sliding doors, or no doors at all.

The thing is that the doors have an impact on the overall perception of the room; adding a sliding or hinged door will make a clear distinction between the wardrobe and the rest of the bedroom. It will also create intimacy inside the closet. However, it will optically reduce the space in the bedroom.

Leaving the wardrobe without a door will, on the other hand, make the room look bigger and more spacious. Moreover, it is the best budget option when it comes to DIY wardrobes.

If you decide to stick to the doors, keep in mind that sliding doors tend to be more expensive and harder to fix than the hinged doors.

Decide On The Materials

Stack of Towels on Rack

The type of materials you will use to build a fitted wardrobe will help you estimate project costs.

Most modern, high-quality wardrobes are made of medium particle fireboard, plywood, glass, or solid wood. You will inevitably need to decide on at least one of those materials. The most common choice among homeowners who want to build wardrobes cheaply is plywood.

Make sure the cost of materials doesn’t exceed your budget, and its quality matches your expectations.

Choose The Size and Content

A fitted wardrobe could become the most significant bedroom furniture or an addition to the king-size bed.

Wardrobes usually take up a lot of space, and it may be that you want a fitted wardrobe to free up the room, not spend it. If that is the case, the self-made wardrobe should be thin and high, with many shelves. A great thing about shelves is that they are extra easy to make, cheap, and look stylish.

If you want a big wardrobe, consider creating a separate room for the cabinet. Some people own closets that store almost everything, from shoes to suitcases and documents. Equip the wardrobe’s space with differently sized and shaped shelves, drawers, and poles for hangers. You could even add a carpet or some cushions. Keep in mind that this kind of project will cost a little bit more.

Final Words

A lot of people are wondering how to install a fitted wardrobe without going bankrupt in the process.

To save some money and make a wardrobe of your dreams, you should choose the building materials wisely, organize the bedroom space, decide on the wardrobe’s size and content, and think of the door type.

Everything depends on your design preferences and the amount of money you can spend. One more smart thing to do is get the advice of a professional interior designer. It may cost a little more on the spot, but sometimes a well-thought project can save you lots of money in the long run.

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