Five Homemade Ways To Get Rid Of Gnats

how to deal with gnats

The name Gnat is used to refer to many small flying insects of the suborder Nematocera. What could be more frustrating than having small insect hovering over your waste bin? Since you are reading this article, you are probably looking for effective ways to handle this creature. These creatures are usually found in a moist environment. Gnats are often introduced into the house from a plant that is infested. Gnats have a life span of four weeks. They lay their eggs in places where the temperature is warm and is maintained that way. Their eggs are almost impossible to see with naked eyes. The female lays 70 to 250 eggs. The eggs hatch after 4-6 days which makes handling them a bit committing. Below are proven homemade methods that can help you get rid of gnats

Honey traps

Gnats are attracted to bright colors and sweet smells. So to make this trap get a bright color plastic preferable yellow, the next thing is to rub honey on it, and you are good to go. The reason why honey is used is the sticky nature of it. The secret to this trap is to keep the sweet lure fresh. Now place it where you often see the gnats.

 Hydrogen peroxide and water

Gnats die once they come in contact with hydrogen peroxide. All you need to do is to mix your hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1 part of hydrogen peroxide to 3 part of water. Sprinkle your house with this solution especially the known habitat of the gnats. Since gnats are known to reside on indoor plants, You could also water your plants with this solution as you will normally do. This solution will not affect your plant except the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide is more than the above required

Lemon juice 

Lemon juice is known to keep insects away. Use lemon based products to clean up your house.


Garlic is a popular spice used for cooking. It is a very effective mosquito repellant, and it also works on gnats as well. You could use it to make a garden spray to get rid of the pests that are harbored by the plant. Simply take 4 bit of garlic and soak them into 1 tsp of mineral oil for a whole day. Drain oil the next day and add one teaspoon of liquid dish wash soap. 

Red wine

Gnats are attracted to wine, which makes it an excellent substance for a trap. Simply get a container and pour the leftover wine into it, next add a little dish soap to it. Furthermore, seal the container and make small holes of about 0.5 cm. Once the gnat perceives the smell of the wine, they will try to enter. The reason for the dish soap is to reduce the surface tension of the solution causing them to get drowned in the liquid. 

Despite all that has been said, the first thing you must do to get rid of gnats successfully is to seal leaking pipes as gnats are known to survive in moist places and also keep good hygiene. However, pest problems are not induced by unclean environment, even the neatest home can be invaded by pesky pests. If you have exhausted every tool for getting rid of gnats in your home, it is advisable to call Local exterminators around Charlotte NC. Professional pest control technicians can detect if there are hidden nests you may not know about.

Furthermore, there are countless benefits homeowners, or tenants can enjoy from registering with a professional pest control company near you; apart from having access to custom-solutions, and instant services in case of emergencies, you will have the right tools that will get rid of gnats long term without harming your loved ones. The technicians will make sure your family is safe, while getting rid of unwanted guests in your home.

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    We have been trying to get rid of gnats for almost 2 months and haven’t got any results yet. I want to try hydrogen peroxide and water or lemon juice, maybe it will be better than garlic and wine that we tried. Thank you for such a useful article.

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