Budget Fans You Can’t Go Wrong With: Orient Electric Launches 3 New Ceiling Fans

Whether you’re replacing an old ceiling fan or need a new one for your home, choosing a ceiling fan that meets your needs and at the same time complements the overall aesthetic of your room isn’t always easy. You might have to do some research according to the features that you need based on your budget and the requirements that you want to meet.

We’ve compiled a list of (one of the) best entry-level ceiling fans. Whether you are looking for budget fans for your home or office or any kind of setting, these fans should (and will) meet most of your requirements. Needless to say, you are free to do your own research but if you need a budget fan to beat the summer heat, you can’t really go wrong with these options.

In fact, Orient Electric recently launched these three fans, keeping in mind price-conscious buyers in smaller cities in India. But just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they lack the features that matter most. That’s what we’re here to find out. Okay, so without further ado, let’s look at three of the best budget ceiling fans you can buy right now:

Orient Summer Breeze Pro

If you are looking for a neat looking ceiling fan for your home, this might be one of the best options out there currently. The Orient Summer Breeze Pro, in our opinion, is a great combination of both quality and performance without losing out on any of those aspects.

The Orient Summer Breeze Pro flaunts a simple, yet highly functional design. The most prominent external feature of this fan would be the wide tips of the blades. The wide blades always ensure optimum air delivery – even at high speeds. The second important feature of the fan is its Advanced PSPO technology which provides stable performance & sustained airflow even during low or fluctuating voltages.

The fan also comes with a heavy and durable 14 pole motor and is available in three different color variants with a superior paint finish. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the blades are easy to clean with a simple wipe. All in all, the Orient Summer Breeze Pro lives up to its name, giving you a breeze of cool air to beat the summer heat.

Salient Features of this fan:

  • Strongest motor in its category for higher durability (14 Pole)
  • Double ball bearing for smooth & noiseless operation
  • Wider tip blades for better air circulation
  • Smart Oval canopy for providing Fluidic design
  • Superior paint finish for longer life & impeccable feel
  • Advanced PSPO technology ensures sustained airflow under fluctuating voltages
  • High-grade copper with high permeable insulation for better efficiency & longer life

Available in three sweep size and color variants, the Orient Summer Breeze Pro starts at an MRP of Rs 2240. For more product specifications and details, please visit the official website here

Orient Twister

When it comes to Orient Twister, there’s so much more than what meets the eye. The true benefits of the fan lie beneath its simplistic looks.

Underneath its aluminum body lies a heavy and powerful motor for prolonged durability and performance. The fan is loaded with a strong copper motor that is known to continuously offer the best air thrust even at top speeds. This is one of the main reasons why Orient has soared in popularity among consumers and has established itself as a market leader in terms of developing products that are highly reliable and provide maximum performance. The strong motor coupled with its unique twist angle aluminum blades and superior paint finish helps deliver optimum air circulation throughout the room. The Orient Twister is worth every penny for the price-conscious consumer, so you won’t have to worry about it at all. You might as well just fit and forget.

The packaging includes all components like blades, motor box, canopy set, user manual, shackles…. everything you’d need for a hassle-free installation. It has a warranty period of two years.

Salient Features of this fan:

  • Smart Oval Canopy for providing Fluidic design
  • Double ball bearing for smooth and noiseless operation
  • Strongest & Heaviest motor in its category for higher durability
  • Aluminium blades with unique twist angle to deliver higher air over a larger area
  • Superior paint finish for longer life & impeccable feel

Available in four color variants, the Orient Twister will cost Rs 2130. Visit the official website here for more details and product specifications.

Orient Rapid Air

If you are looking for a fan that is powerful and well within budget, the Orient Rapid Air is the go-to option. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. This fan features a high-speed motor to deliver strong air circulation in your room. In terms of usability, it can fit into any kind of interior whether a living room, hotel room, or office setting.

Equipped with a sweep size of 1200mm, the Orient Rapid Air rapidly gives you that steady, nice, and even cool breeze throughout the room. It might not be the best option for large rooms but for an average household room, it does its job well.

The fan offers a solid performance of 390 RPM (one of the highest in its range). If you are looking for a budget fan that checks out on all your requirements, go for the Orient Rapid Air without any hesitation.

Salient features of this fan:

  • Double Ball Bearing for smooth and noiseless operation
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Motor
  • Superior Paint Finish for longer life & impeccable feel

Available in three color variants, the Orient Rapid Air is priced at an MRP of Rs 1649. Visit the official website here for more details and product specifications.

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