Tips to lower down running cost of an air conditioner

bring running cost of AC down
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An air conditioner is one of the most important appliances, especially during the scorching summers. When the temperatures are soaring outside, even a minute without the air conditioner on can be difficult to pass. But using it for long duration can also shoot up your electricity bill. There are certain ways in which you can bring down the running cost of an air conditioner. And that too without compromising on its benefits. The following are some tips that you can follow to lower down running cost of an air conditioner:

  1. Purchase energy efficient air conditioners.

To start off, you must try and purchase energy efficient air conditioners as well as even other electronic appliances.  A model that comes with a 5 star rating from the energy efficiency department of the country is considered highly energy efficient because it consumes lesser power than those with lower ratings. Doing so will considerably make a difference in the power consumption and will hence lower down running cost of an air conditioner.

  1. Proper maintenance of Air conditioners will help lower running cost

It is very important that you clean and maintain the air conditioner on a regular basis so as to reap the maximum benefits out of it and also to lower its running costs.  The filters must be cleaned and even replaced whenever the need be as dirty and dusty air conditioners tend to consume more power and hence raise your electricity bill.

Regular AC maintenance is important

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  1. Prevent outside air from coming inside

For an AC to give its maximum performance, it is important that you shut off outside air from coming inside. For this, make sure all doors, windows and small openings are closed. Also ensure the curtains are drawn when the air conditioner is working. This will help cool the room quickly and hence consume lesser power.  The AC unit must also be closed properly so that no warm air or dust flows inside the room.

  1. AC thermostat setting must be properly maintained

It is a fact that the lesser the difference is between indoor and outdoor temperature, the lesser will be the power or energy consumption. Hence the thermostat of your AC should be maintained at around 20-25 degrees during the summer months. One must avoid setting up the AC thermostat at a temperature which is lower than that required, especially when the AC is turned on.

set the thermostat of AC properly

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  1. The air conditioner should be of the right size

Another thing to keep in mind so as to lower the running cost of air conditioners is that they must be of the ideal size.  If the air conditioner is smaller than that required in the room, then the room wont cool properly. Hence you will end up switching it on for longer duration, hence paying higher electricity bills.  Also, the air conditioner must be centrally placed to cool the entire space evenly.

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