Electric Forklift Prevents the Emission of 20,000 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide

Technological advancements have improved many types of equipment, and electric fork is no exception. These forms of forklift are more economical to operate and maintain than IC forklifts. There is a wide range of electric forklift for sale, which meets your specific requirements. Electric forklifts consume less fuel, require low maintenance, as they are designed with the state of the art technology and have lesser moving parts. These machines require less frequent replacement of engine oils, coolant, and filter, significantly lowers maintenance and breakdown. A research conducted in Ohio shows the cost of recharging an electric forklift is around $1.50 to $4.50 for an eight-hour shift. While that of liquid propane gas (LPG) propelled, a forklift is about $18 to $25 per bottle fill. The cost may vary according to the type of forklift and location, but the electric version has a significant edge over the other.

Electric Forklift Motor

Electric forklift are designed for maximum maneuverability, and versatility powered by state of the art 3 phase motors. Lithium-ion technology ensures minimum energy consumption and optimized performance and safety. Because of high performance, fast charging time, minimum maintenance charges, and long service life lithium-ion batteries are the most economical and environmentally friendly source of energy. Lithium-ion batteries are revolutionizing electric power vehicles. These batteries have more storage capacity and power over traditional lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries need no water, and cell changing system, and charge itself in a short time to be operative. 

There are more than 150 models of an electric forklift for sale with superior performance as AC motors power them. Each design has its specification and application. Warehouse forklift is mainly used in a storehouse for loading and unloading. Side loader is used to move heavy and bulky materials in industrial sites. Industrial forklifts are incorporated with hydraulic levers which provide additional power, and extra reach. Rough terrain forklifts are ideal for irregular topography, equipped with large tires and reinforced cab for optimized performance and balance. Pallet jack and walkie stackers are perfect for utilizing in small, confined space. 

Environmentally Friendly

An electric forklift has zero-emission, so no carbon footprint. All other forms of forklift propelled by gasoline and liquid propane exhaust harmful carbon dioxide, causing the greenhouse effect. An electric forklift operates for 2,000 hours per year. It prevents the emission of 20,000 pounds of annual carbon dioxide and monoxide into the atmosphere. 

As these forklifts have zero-emission, these machines are ideal for indoor and warehouse use, as it does not pollute the environment within. No expensive ventilation is required to exhaust the detrimental fumes or heat generated by the forklift. LPG or gasoline forklifts emit considerable heat and fumes which radiates into the warehouse making the environment stuffy and oppressive. Electric forklifts use optimum energy and do not waste fuel while operating or idling. They operate silently, except for the sound of tires, horn or warning beacons. Other forms of forklifts are noisy when they run and impair the hearing ability of employees working in the warehouse when exposed to a prolonged period.

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