8 Ideas for Renovating Your Kitchen

kitchen renovation

Nobody can deny that the kitchen is one of the essential parts of a home. It is like a hub, where everyone in the family gathers to enjoy their meals. Therefore, most people remodel their kitchen every few years to keep it active and up to date. However, that is easier said than done. Renovating a kitchen is not a piece of cake. Therefore, we have taken the time to put together a list of eight simple ideas that can help anyone upgrade their kitchen. Keep reading to learn more.

Repaint the Walls

No matter what room of the house you are renovating or remodelling, one of the first things you should consider changing is the paint of the walls. The wall covers the most landscape inside a room, and they can instantly change up the appearance of the place. 

Moreover, repainting the walls is a comparatively cheap upgrade that has a very noticeable impact on the decor. Therefore, select a modern and vibrant colour pallet and repaint the walls. 

Though shades of white have been predominant when it comes to tones inside the kitchen, however, this year the trend is changing, and we are seeing a lot more shades being used. A common theme is going for a vibrant colour on one wall, while the others remain in a neutral colour.

Upgrade the Cupboards

kitchen renovation

If you are remodelling the kitchen, you have to upgrade the closets. Like the walls, the cabinets also cover an important part of the kitchen’s landscape, therefore improving them can have a more visible effect. If you are on a budget, simply repainting the cupboard in colour the accentuates the tone of walls is a good idea. 

On the other hand, if you can afford it, you should go for some modern cupboards with glass doors. Metallic cupboards made from aluminum are also in style these days, and they can add a relatively modern look to your kitchen. 

The cupboards are also your primary storage solution in the kitchen, and if you are buying any new appliances or dishes, you will need to expand the storage space in the cupboards as well. This can be achieved by making shelves inside the cupboards. Contrarily, you can also add larger cabinets, and build a centre island, which will increase both storage and working space.

Add New Countertops

The next thing you should consider upgrading is the countertops. Most kitchens have wooden, marble or metallic countertops. However, for a stylish and lavish look, stone countertops made of granite are the best option. They have an exceptional appearance, and they can spice up the overall decor of the kitchen. 

Moreover, if you are aiming for a restaurant kitchen look, metallic countertops are quite suitable. Metallic and granite countertops can be quite expensive, but if you are on a budget, you can get vinyl covers that make wooden countertops look like they are made from stone.

Add a Backsplash

The part of the walls behind the sink is bound to get some splatter on it, which can lead to watermarks. Furthermore, when you are preparing food on the stove or prepping it on the countertops, the walls over the counter can get dirty because of spilt and splattered food. 

Therefore, modern kitchens add a backsplash on these walls. Some people use the same granite the use for the countertops, while others, who are on a tight budget, opt for tiles. Both the applications look great and serve the purpose of keeping the walls over the countertop and sink clean.

Upgrade the Lighting

The lighting is an essential part of any room, decor and design. Bad light can make even the most elegantly designed and decorated rooms look boring and dull. Therefore, you need to add some modern and exciting lighting features to the kitchen to amplify its decor. 

Firstly, add some under cabinet lighting. These lights won’t only show off your elegant countertops and backsplash, but they will also be quite useful and preparing meals. You should also add some pendant lights over the centre island. Furthermore, refrain from using overhead LEDs or fluorescent lights. Instead, opt for some wall sconces to light up the kitchen. 

While we are on the topic of lighting, you should also know about creating a balance between natural and artificial light. Therefore, make sure that there is a decent flow on natural light during the day; this can cause the kitchen to look bigger and more open.

Buy Some New Appliances

kitchen renovation

The renovation of your kitchen isn’t complete until you add some modern electrical appliances to it. Renovating a kitchen doesn’t only mean that it should look more elegant. A renovated kitchen should also be more functional and more comfortable to use. Therefore, adding new appliances is a great way to increase both the decor and the practicality of the kitchen. 

It would help if you got a stand mixer and food processor, which will make food prep significantly easier. You can also invest in a dishwasher if you are tired of washing dishes after every meal. Moreover, a toaster or a sandwich maker can be a valuable addition to your kitchen, which can help you make breakfast when you are in a hurry. May be you should check out Nonnabox for the best toaster oven reviews and a lot more. 

Add Some Open Shelving

Open shelving is another prominent element that is featured in modern luxury kitchens. Not only do open shelves increase your storage, but they are also easier to access than cupboards, and you can use them to display your elegant dinner sets and other utensils as a part of the decor. 

Therefore, create some vertical open shelves to maximize the storage and functionality of your kitchen.

Consider an Open Floor Plan

According to various interior design experts, an open floor plan is the most critical requirement of a luxury home. For a kitchen, you can create and open floor effect by taking down the wall in the middle of the kitchen and the living room. 

Also, keep your kitchen tidy and clutter-free. This will also make it look more minimalistic and modern. 

Lastly, renovating your kitchen is a hefty task, and for people who don’t know much about interior design, it can be even more daunting. However, if you follow the ideas in this post, you can easily add elegance to your kitchen and improve its performance as well. Therefore, we hope that you find this post helpful.

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