Useful tips about what paint to use on wood furniture

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Though painting wood furniture seems to be a grueling task, possessing a little knowledge about the kind of primer you should use will help you to make most of the journey. Whether you want to repair your favorite grandmother’s chair reminiscent of your childhood memory or want to give a makeover to any unpainted little wooden stuff at your place, one thing needs to be remembered is that your paint color would be determined by what kind of finish you want.

Painting a furniture means infusing a new lease into it. In your spare time, you can do it with the help of a few simple tools if you know what paint to use on your wood furniture. 

1.Things you need

Mostly two kinds of paint are preferred latex and oil based. Based on your interest and the weather conditions, you will have to choose what paint to use on wood furniture. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

2. If you choose the latex paint option   

It is a water based product, easy to apply, it quickly dries up and never leaves any odour like oil paintings. It depends on the temperature of the room also, it does not work below 50 degrees temperature simply because a slower temperature reduces its drying capacity. The wood furniture will not come out good as you will notice spotting and streaks. And all your hard work will go in vain. Therefore, you use this paint on a warm sunny day.

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3. If you choose oil base paints

It is a combination of chemical and natural paints and that offers a lasting finish. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it leaves a strong smell for many days. As the smell is very strong, you must in outdoors. Furthermore, they conveniently work in warm and cold climates.

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4. Which Polish to use

When it comes to polish your wood furniture, it can be variously ranged from eggshell to hi-gloss. The best method to follow is to choose a polish, with satin or semi-gloss based. They allow multiple coats to apply in the wood and get washed off very easily. As the process involves your wood to undergo enduring pressure, it is better to go for hi gloss polish, which is the hardest of nature.

5. What primers to consider

It is important to choose the right primer if you expect the end result to be good. Whether you use latex based or oil based paints, you should know the preferred primer for each type. Primers are a must to remove old stains and cover any irregularities in the surface. Moreover, they prevent stain and stick to the wood furniture very well, releasing a strong smell.

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6. How to apply

As you start the painting work, paint on the top and then down, polishing out any drips that come on the way. At the time of finishing, you will require to applying a satin finish polyurethane spray on the dried topcoat in order to protect it.

Hand painted wood furniture enhances the look and feel of a room. These tips will surely give you a direction in how to give a perfect makeover to your old furniture.

Knowing what paint to use on wood furniture will help you to get your furniture painted in the lack of any professional help. The weekend is a good time to do this.Do not worry if anything goes wrong, as you can repaint your furniture in numerous times, so just relax and enjoy it.

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