Things You Need to Buy to Upgrade Your Apartment

When you move into a new apartment, you may be looking for some of the simple things that you can do in the apartment to start and make it feel more like home. Most landlords are really picky about what you can do inside, which may make you feel like your choices are limited. 

The good news is there are different things you can do to help upgrade your apartment. Some of the best items to purchase to help with that upgrade include. 

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

When you are doing an upgrade in your apartment, it is a good idea to look into a wall-mounted electric fireplace. These can save on space, keep your area warm, and give you all the benefits and coziness that you are looking for without all the work of a traditional fireplace. 

There are a lot of different options that you can choose when it comes to an electric fireplace. These can be so comfortable to have around and can add a sense of style for any room in the apartment. 

With a simple controller, you can turn on the fireplace space heater and get ready to relax, unlike any other method. Even if you have a small amount of space, the wall-mounted electric fireplace could be a great way to help you get it done. 

Paintable Wallpaper

As a renter, you may want to go with some wallpaper to show the walls a bit of love and not ruin things in the process. You may be able to get some wallpaper that you can paint. Many landlords are not going to allow you to paint any of the walls, meaning you are stuck with the colorless and boring walls. 

Removable wallpaper that you can paint is a good solution here. It is a simple paper that is easy to peel and stick. Put it onto the wall, do a little bit of painting, and then take it off when it is time for you to move. You can enjoy your own personal style without having to make the landlord mad. 

Even if you do not want to paint the wallpaper, there are options like removable temporary wallpaper as well. These are easy to install and reasonably priced. You can even put it on other parts of the property other than the walls, like the inside of a bookcase. Have some fun without ruining the apartment. 

Washi Tape

Another option to consider is some Washi tape. This is simply a Japanese tape that is made out of natural fibers and is used most often by crafters. It can come in all kinds of ornate patterns and colors and it is similar to masking tape in being low-tack. 

The best part of this is that it will come off your walls easily. Home decorators have been able to use this tape for helping to hang up wall art without the frames or to create some of their own wallpaper. It is easy to find the Washi tape and use it to do an upgrade of your apartment.

A Nice Rug

One of the simplest solutions that you can use to deal with some of the basic flooring in your apartment could be to lay down some rugs. They are easy to remove when it is time to move and they go right along with you. Plus, they can be used over carpeting and other types of flooring if you would like. 

If you are putting these onto the kitchen or bathroom floor, make sure that the rug has a rubber backing on it. This will help keep the area clean and can prevent any slips and falls in the process. For the rugs going into the living room or a bedroom, this is not as big of an issue to worry about. Use some carpet tape to help the rug stay put. 

Spa-Like Teak

Some bathrooms and shower floors can be pretty ugly in a rental property you would like to stay in. This is an easy thing to try and fix up. If you use some DIY teak shower mat, you can cover up the floor quickly and it is easy to remove later when it is time to leave the apartment. 

You will need to do a little bit of the work on your own to make this one happen. But when it is done, you will be proud of all the hard work. You may even find that it is easier to fall in love with the new shower when it is designed the way that you want. 

Bring the Right Curtains

Most rentals are going to come with some plastic blinds that are cheap for the landlord to put in but are not very pretty to look at. Hanging up a few curtains of your choice will make a big difference. Read the lease agreement to see if you need to leave those blinds up or not. Either way, the curtains can help hide those and make the room feel more comfortable. 

There are a lot of choices out there when you need to pick out curtains. Some are going to give the area a more modern look and others can make the room cozy and inviting. When it is time to leave the apartment, you can easily take the curtains down and head on out without any damage to the property. 

Upgrading Your Apartment

Moving into an apartment can seem boring at times. You have to follow all the rules the landlord gives you and make sure that it looks nice both when you move in and when it is time to leave. 

Many tenants want to find a way to personalize the area and make it look better, bringing in their own style, without causing damage that will take away their deposit when they are done. Check out some of these simple methods to use to help upgrade your apartment and make it look amazing. 

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