Top 10 Reasons Why Air Conditioner Servicing is Important

During summer, the weather get unbeatable hot and we are highly-reliant on air-conditioning. We need air-conditioning units when we are sleeping, working, shopping and many more. A functioning and cooling units is essential to keep us and our families comfortable at all times of the day and night.

Aircon servicing are often neglected by most households, which are essential in keep your units in good condition. By skipping aircon repair or poorly maintained units may result in serious issue that require major repair. Singapore is similar to India, where aircon servicing in Singapore is equally important in India as well. Air-conditioning is the same as all machine where it will experience wear-and-tear, hence regular maintenance is important to keep them functioning at their best performance. By engaging a professional aircon servicing company, you can keep your units well-maintained and save money in the long-term.

1. Stay Healthy

cleaning air conditioner filter

It is important that you and your family to stay healthy as well as breathing clean air. If your air-conditioner is clogged with bacteria, dirt and dust, it can lead to various health issues, especially if there are existing conditions such as asthma or allergies. Thus, after aircon servicing, it will remove all those bacteria and dirt effectively, only circulating clean air around your room.

2. Cleaner Air

Do you want fresh air in your home and office? By having your aircon being serviced regularly, you can ensure clean air filters and unit. This will ensure that you are constantly breathing in clean air that are free of dust, bacteria and pollutants. It will also reduce dirt, dust, and bacteria from accumulating in your unit.

3. Extend lifespan

Aircon units are similar to most machines where servicing is required to ensure your units is running in top-notch condition. Expensive aircon units are pointless if you fail to maintain it properly. A qualified service technicians will help to check all the parts and ensure they are clean. Thus, this will not only ensure that your units are running in top-notch condition, but will also extend the lifespan of the units in the long run.

4. Reduce Major Breakdowns

I am sure no one likes when your aircon breakdown as it will disrupt your whole schedule and even frustrating you due to the heat. Thus, it is crucial to get your units serviced regularly to prevent any major breakdown or malfunction issues.

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5. Save Cost in the Long Run

If you think that aircon servicing is expensive, your electricity and repair bills may be even higher in the long run. A unit without regular maintenance can cost you more such as higher electricity bills, as well as high repair bills if there are major repair required due to poor maintenance. Small issues that are not aware can eventually lead to major issue that leads to breakdown or malfunction problem. With malfunctioning aircon or reduced cooling efficiency, you can expect your electricity bills to increase.

6. Prevent Expensive Replacement

Other than high electricity bills or repair, a poorly maintained machine can face many problems which may require replacement which are costly. Hence, you should always get your aircon serviced, allowing you to save those cost as well as getting cooling air. This will also help your unit to last longer, in some cases, it can last as much as 8 to 10 years!

7. Stay Cool

I am sure you would not want to suffer under the heat in your home or office, which means regular aircon servicing is even important. When your unit malfunctioned, it will not only result in expensive repair cost, but it means you can’t enjoy the cooling air during that hot period.

8. Save the Earth

When your air-conditioner faces problem such as refrigerant leakage, it will releases HFCs, or man-made greenhouse gases. All those are harmful gases towards the environment, promoting global warming. Technicians could help to recycle such gases from the machine, but not all does that. However, in most cases, people are not aware they are facing refrigerant leakage if they did not engage regular aircon servicing.

9. Remove Smelly Air

Sometimes your aircon unit will emit a foul odor in your home or office. This is often due to mold, bacteria and dirt accumulating in your unit. If you ever smell any unpleasant odor coming out from your units, you should immediately engage a service company to check the condition of your units and get rid of the smell.

10. Compliance with Manufacturer’s Warranty Requirement

Different manufacturers have different warranty condition. However, some require users to engage regular aircon servicing to maintain the unit in good working condition. Thus, if you want to prevent yourself from voiding the warranty, it is best to check any conditions stated or get your aircon serviced.

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    I totally agree! Regular AC service is crucial because it helps maintain the efficiency and performance of your cooling system, prolongs its lifespan, prevents costly breakdowns, ensures cleaner air quality, and even helps you save on energy bills. Click if you’re looking for professional AC repair and maintenance services. It’s definitely worth every penny in the long run.

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