Become an Expert in Solar Energy in Less Than 10 Minutes

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If you are not living under a rock since the past decade, you might have come across news or trends concerning solar as a better alternative to conventional energy. And if you are a property owner and, if even for a brief moment, have considered solar energy, this article will help you get a good idea of the basic requirements and provide a generic start-up guideline on how to look for the best solar products for your home.

Solar isn’t really (that) complicated. For sure, it’s a little more complex than installing a split AC or a geyser at your home, but the investment and the research that you put into it, is definitely (more than) worth it and will reap you benefits year after year for not just years but decades.

If you’re considering buying solar, you can start educating yourself here. In this article, we’re gonna review the basic requirements you’ll need to set up a fully functional solar system and some of the factors that you need to consider while/ before planning the installation. By the end of the article, you’ll know (or at least we hope that you’ll have a good idea about) what to look for and how to proceed with your solar needs.

Getting Started

One of the main challenges when starting a solar project is knowing what to buy, where to buy from, and the parts needed to bring everything together.

On the Grid System

If you are reading this article, we’re assuming that you’re (your property is) already connected to some sort of utility network provided by some sort of utility company. But that’s a good thing. One of the biggest benefits of staying on the grid is what they call ‘Net Metering’. You’ll be able to save a lot of money and just in case there’s a cloudy day, you’ll still be able to access utility from your provider.

List of Things You’ll Need

These are the various parts you’ll need for a grid-tie system:

  1. Solar Modules aka Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) Panels that absorb and collect energy from the sun and turn it into direct current (DC).
  2. A power inverter that converts the DC energy from the panels into AC that can power your appliances and provide lighting
  3. Breaker Box that connects the entire solar set up to your house.
  4. Net-Meter that connects your house to the grid/ utility network and tracks the power consumption.

Now that you know what to buy, you need to figure where to buy it based on some Load Calculations.

Load Calculation is knowing how much power you’ll need and based on that you can proceed with how many solar panels you’ll need. Solar panels store energy through the absorption of sunlight. So, the larger the surface area for sunlight absorption, the more power it will store.

Choosing the Products

While there are several brands out there specializing in solar products, for the sake of this article, we are going ahead with one of the most reputable and trusted brands in Solar Energy: LUMINOUS.

Luminous is known to offer the widest range of Solar Products supported by a Pan India service network.

Solar PV Panels

Luminous offers a range of both Mono PERC and Polycrystalline PV modules. Ranging from 40W to 370W, our panels comply with IEC standards, are BIS certified, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Some of the features of using Luminous Solar PV Panels include:

  • Excellent Low light performance
  • Advanced EVA encapsulation
  • Resilience to extreme weather
  • Beset in class efficiency
  • PID Resistance technology
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications

Solar Inverters

Luminous offers a wide range of solar-based inverters for both Off-Grid and On-Grid. With best-in-class reliability and compliance with safety standards, the inverters are available in various capacities to meet all kinds of needs.

NXG+ Inverter

One of the most prominent inverters Luminous has to offer for their solar range of products is the NXG+ range of inverters that feature ISOT technology, fast charging, both Eco and UPS mode, supported by their industry-leading Pure Sine Wave output technology.

NXi Grid Tie Inverter

NXi inverters convert DC power generated from Solar panels into AC power which can be used for running loads and excess can be exported to the grid, maximizing your savings.

The NXi Grid Tie inverters feature:

  • IP65 weather protection
  • Anti-islanding protection technology
  • MNRE and IEC compliance
  • Wi-fi and Remote monitoring for added ease of convenience

In addition to these products, Luminous provides Solar controllers and Solar batteries to finetune and protect your home when using power from your solar panels. Solar controllers monitor the charging of solar batteries from Solar panels and prevent the batteries from overcharging and reverse current flows.

Well, there you go. You just went from noob to an expert in solar energy set up for your home like a boss in less than……what..…..10 minutes? Wow, that’s gotta be a new world record or something.

The point is, solar is free and its forever. It’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, today, we are at the forefront of solar and it’s gaining more and more popularity and adoption in all spheres of our lives.

If you are planning to go for solar energy, there’s never been a better time than now.

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