Noticeable Signs a Tree is Dead

noticeable signs a tree is dead

One of the reasons to hire a tree service in Edmond is when a tree is dead. However, it is not easy to tell when you have dead trees unless you know the signs. When you see the rotten development of trees or darker leaves, these can be signs that your tree needs to be cut. However, it is not easy to conclude that your trees are dead unless you perform a deeper assessment. There is a difference between a declining and a dead tree. If you have wiped out trees, these can be spared. However, a dead tree can pose a serious threat to your tree and must be cut. 

noticeable signs a tree is dead

You can reduce the hazard that the dead tree brings if you hire an arborist to do the job. First, you need to perform a scratch test so you will find out if trees are really dead. A folding knife or the tip of your finger can help you identify the condition of a tree. Scratch one of the twigs of the tree to find out if it is still alive. If it is still green underneath, it is an indicator that the tree is not dead. If it is fragile and dark-colored, it means that you need to review the condition of the tree. You will need a plant specialist who will determine the tree’s condition and give you recommendations. 

Noticeable Signs That A Tree Is Dead

Root Damage

It is not easy to spot root damage if the tree is newly planted. However, you can easily tell root damage if the tree leans to a particular side. It is an indication that the roots are weak or damaged. Another way that you can figure out whether or not the root is damaged is by looking for the epicormic shoots, which resemble misplaced branches. They usually grow out of the tree trunk’s bottom. 

These signs are indicators that your tree’s roots have been damaged. If you have a very large tree root and it is sticking out of the ground, you should search for damages caused by construction, wildlife, pests, and lawnmowers. You will also need to contact a licensed arborist so you can confirm accurately as they will perform professional assessment and inspection. 

Trunk Damage

noticeable signs a tree is dead

You will also need to check the trunk as it will also provide you with good evidence that the tree is malnourished or ill. You have to take a look at the vertical cracks. Trunk damage indicates that your tree has a bad health condition. While it is still possible that it may be alive, there might be factors that are interfering with the structural integrity and health of your tree. The bark serves as the protection of your tree trunk. They are known for absorbing water and nutrients. If you notice patches on the tree trunk and they are bark-free and smooth, it is considered a bad sign whether it is larger or smaller. 

Bare Branches

noticeable signs a tree is dead

Another obvious sign that a tree is dying is the bare branch. It is an indication that a tree is no longer healthy. Once you notice that your tree is bare, it means that it has failed to produce a complete canopy of foliage because of health issues. If you see that half of the canopy of the tree is bright and full and the other half is bare, it is a sure sign that the tree has a disease. 

Some of the common foliage diseases are Oak Wilt, Root Rot, Crown Rot, Fire Blight, and Emerald Ash Borer. If you see a large tree losing half of its canopy, the imbalanced foliage weight can be a safety hazard as it can cause the tree to fall. 

Fungal Growth

A tree that is declining or dying will become a breeding ground for mushroom and fungal growth. You can identify a fungal growth if you pay attention to the base or trunk of the tree. This is the area where fungus thrives because it is cooler and darker.  Fungus on the trunk is one way to tell that the tree trunk is already rotting on the inside and most likely dead. 

Schedule complete and professional tree care with Tip Top Tree so you can resolve your tree problems regardless of the scope or size. 

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