Debunking Home Heating Myths

Few elements of a home have as much of an impact on your cost of living as the HVAC system. Staying comfortable, even when the weather outside is nasty, comes with a price. Naturally, we want to do anything we can to save a few bucks here and there. However, when it comes to using and maintaining your furnace, there are a lot of misconceptions. Although these ideas might seem logical on the surface, or contain a kernel of truth, following them blindly can result in higher heating bills and excess wear and tear on equipment. 

Here’s What You Should Know When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

For example, one of the most persistent of these misnomers is that you should turn the heater off completely when leaving your home. The idea behind this advice is that if no one is in the house, you’re just wasting energy. In reality, you’re using more fuel to heat a cold house than you are maintaining a slightly cooler temperature over the course of the day. Instead of switching the heater off, set the thermostat a few degrees lower before leaving for the day. 


Another common misconception is that when it comes to furnaces, bigger is always better. That’s not necessarily true, because the size of your home and the quality of your ductwork could mean your unit cycles on and off too many times. This can age your system prematurely and lead to thousands spent on repairs or replacement. 

When heating areas of your home that are unusually cold, many people will turn to space heaters. However, placing these throughout the home can be dangerous and costly to operate. Finding out why your existing system isn’t doing its job is the better course of action.

Keeping your home warm can cost a lot, but accepting these myths as truth can cost you even more. For all seven myths and the reality behind them, see the accompanying infographic. Don’t let one of these misconceptions hurt your utility bills.

7 Common Home Heating Myths Debunked created by Logan AC & Heat Services.

Author bio: Amanda Kinsella is Marketing Director at Logan A/C and Heat Services for the Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio markets. Throughout her 10-plus-year career at the company, she has worn many hats and taken on multiple roles.

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