When to replace your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners have become a necessity for summer nowadays. But, just like any other appliance, air conditioners also have a fixed lifespan. Though you can increase the efficiency and lifespan of a system by following some tricks,  after continuous use of 10-15 years, it starts to wear out and becomes inefficient at its work. This inefficiency also leads to higher energy bills. There are some signs that tell you it’s time to replace your air conditioner. In this article, we will be discussing those signs in detail.

Signs for you to replace your Air Conditioner

Though getting a new air conditioner is a huge investment, under certain circumstances it is best to replace your old system to prevent any damage to your system, health, and also your budget. There are many signs signalling that you need to replace your air conditioner, you just have to keep an eye on them.

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Following are the signs for you to replace your air conditioner:

  1. Limited or no airflow:

    If you are not getting cold air from your air conditioner or if the airflow is limited, it may be time to replace your system for good. Although there can be some other reasons for airflow issues such as blocked ductwork or air vents, dirty filters, mechanical problems, etc. Whenever you face such a problem, contact an expert technician and he can determine the cause of the problem. If the problem is not solvable, replace your system at the earliest and save yourself from any further problems.
    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  2. High energy bills:

    After continuous use for years, your air conditioner starts working inefficiently. It makes your system work harder and for longer hours to cool your house. This results in higher energy bills, digging deeper into your budget and pocket. Upgrading to a new system will save your system from working harder and also save your money.

  3. Your AC is more than 10 years old:

    The average life of an air conditioner is 10 to 15 years when maintained properly. But if your system is running on R-22 Freon or needs regular expensive repairs, it will be best to replace it with a new system. Also, new energy-efficient air conditioners are often developed, making it a good choice to upgrade. If your system is past its average life and is still running, you can experience inefficiency and higher bills which is always bad news.

  4. Bad Odors:

    The air coming from your air conditioner should usually have a clean and neutral scent. But, sometimes when the system gets old, this may change. The natural scent is replaced by unusual scents. If you smell any burning or smoky scent coming from your air conditioner, immediately contact a professional as there may be some serious problem with your system. In such a case, you may need to replace your old air conditioner with a new one.

  5. Frequent breakdowns and repairs:

    Is your air conditioner frequently breaking down? Do you have to deal with expensive repairs regularly? These breakdowns and repairs can be caused due to the system being too old or malfunctioning of any component of the system. The repair costs incurred due to these frequent break downs can be added up to buy a new air conditioner for yourself. Save the money you have to spend on these expensive repairs and replace your old system with a new air conditioner.

  6. Moisture and leakage around the unit:

    Air conditioners create moisture naturally during the process of cooling your home. Though, a well functioning air conditioner can deal with moisture without any issue. But the moment you notice moisture forming up on your system or leakage around it, it can be an issue. There can be several reasons for leakage or moisture forming on your system like a refrigerant leak, unclean filter, blocked drain pipe, etc. This issue can lead to mold spores growth causing health hazards for you and your family.
    Image credit: flickr.com

  7. Unusual sounds coming out of your system:

    Usually, an air conditioner makes very low noises when turned on or off, but when you notice any unusual or strange noise coming from your system, it may be a sign of some serious problem with your air conditioner. The unusual or strange noises can be explained as squeaking, grinding, rattling, etc. When you notice such weird noises from your air conditioner, contact an expert in case the issue can be repaired. If not repairable, opt for a replacement for your air conditioner.


After continuous use of your air conditioner during its useful life, it naturally starts lagging in its work leading to several issues, healthwise and moneywise. When faced with anything unusual from your system or any type of problem, it is best to get in contact with an expert and get it fixed. But, when faced with an issue that can not be repaired, it is time for you to replace your air conditioner completely. Keep an eye on your system and take action at the earliest when you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

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    When replacing your system, look into appliances with an Energy Star label.
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