Best Practices for Keeping Your Personal Devices In Mint Condition

The electronic devices that people use daily plays an integral role in their everyday life. One might use many devices on a day-to-day basis, starting from computers, laptops to smartphones, smartwatches, gaming consoles, and more. These devices share one common trait—diminishing performance once they suffer from software or hardware damage. Many simple practices will help you keep your personal devices in mint condition.

Antivirus Protection and Update Installation 

Use antivirus protection and update their operating software as soon as the updates are available. While not so important for smartphones and tablets, antivirus software is a must for computers and laptops. The default antivirus protection features are not adequate to protect the device.

On the other hand, phones and tablets require strong antivirus protection from their base operating software as long as they’re updated regularly. No matter what kind of electronic device you use, keeping the operating software updated is a crucial part of maintaining it.

Clean Your Devices Regularly

Keeping your devices clean has a direct impact on device performance. In the case of computers and laptops, dust and grime result in the devices running slowly and overheating issues. Cleaning the exteriors often only requires a piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol, canned air, and a brush. 

You’ll need to clean the CPU casing and the core peripheral devices, such as the monitor, keyboard, controllers, and more for computers. It’s cleaning the interior that is complicated and risky. Unless you know what you’re doing, you might damage the device.

Phones and tablets have well-designed bodies built to be dustproof, but they still accumulate dust that enters slowly through the ports. If your phone or tablet interior needs cleaning, take it to the brand’s service outlet to get it done by a professional.   

Purchase Protective Gear

Accidents can cause more than just cosmetic damage to your device. You can accidentally drop your phone or laptop that can break them beyond repair. Using protective gear for your portable electronic devices is the best way to protect them. If your device gets heavily damaged, there are many laptop repair services you can turn to for damage evaluation and repairs.

Standard protective gears for portable electronic devices include cases and screen protectors. Some of these gears protect your device’s screen, while cases protect from shock and water damage. Buy the ones that fit your device dimensions for the best results.

Protect Devices from Electrical Surges

This advice is mostly limited to desktops and consoles since these two electronic devices require a direct electrical connection to run. Since you run them by hooking them up with the various electric ports around the house, they have a chance to get damaged by electrical surges or fluctuations. This can damage the power supply, hard disk, or processor, which can be difficult and expensive to replace.

You can protect your valuable electronic devices from electrical surges by practicing the following tips: Always unplug devices after use. 

  • Use a multi-plug or surge protection power strips. 
  • A UPS can absorb an electrical surge instead of your device, making it an excellent safeguard.
  • Install a surge processor for your home.

Keep Vulnerable Devices Away from Liquids, Pets, and Young Children

It’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t spilled some coffee, juice, water, or other beverages over their phone, console, or laptop. Since this is very commonplace, you should take extra care to keep any kind of liquids away from your devices. Liquid damage is the worst kind of damage for an electronic device since it outright ruins any device component that comes in contact with liquids.

Electronic devices can also easily get damaged by pets or small children, so you should keep your devices well out of their reach. Children can drop the devices, pets can chew the cords, or the wires might get tangled if there is too much movement around the device. Your best bet is to put your devices somewhere children and pets can’t reach after using them.

Make the Best out of Your Devices

Electronic devices aren’t cheap, so maintaining them and improving their longevity is the best way to get value out of them. Many of these devices come with specific instruments and instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Make sure to follow them as well to get the best results. 

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