6 useful tips to take care of leather upholstery

Tips to take care of leather

Leather couches look beautiful and classy and we all love them. However leather furniture is often perceived as tedious to care for, especially if there are kids and pets in house. In reality, taking care of leather furniture is not that tough. All you need is right direction and ideas.

6 tips below will help you keep your leather looking and feeling its best:

Wipe with soft & dry cloth

How to clean leather sofa

Wipe off the dust and dirt from the leather upholstery with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Do this every weekend to prevent dust accumulation on leather. Do not rub leather while cleaning. (Image source: www.pinterest.com)

Blot spills immediately

Tips to take care of leather

Wipe any spill like water, juice, wine etc.  immediately with a dry and soft cloth to prevent leather from getting damaged. Use very little water to clean the spill, and wipe the area dry afterwards.

(Image source: www.interiorish.com)

Do not use soap & water for cleaning stains 

water mark on leather

Do not clean the stains on leather with soap or water. Doing this can damage the leather. Above picture shows leather seat damaged by water. (Image source: www.vintagefashionguild.org)

Use cleaning products designed for leather

leather cleaning products

Do not clean leather furniture with cleaning products that are not designed for leather like soap, detergents, ammonia based products etc. Always use good quality leather cleaners. (Image source: www.removeallstains.com)

Save from heat and harsh light

Tips of leather care

Keep your leather furniture at a safe distance from any heating device like room heater or vent. Also keep leather items away from direct sunlight. Heat and light can cause fading. Do not blow-dry water or any other spill from your leather furniture.

(Image source: desertwillowlaneblog.blogspot.com)

Keep soft cushions and throws on leather

Taking care of leather couch

Do not dress your leather couch with cushion and throws that have sharp embellishments. Such items can scratch soft leather surface. Keep pillows and throws made from soft  material like cotton or linen . (Image source: www.myhomeideas.timeinc.net)

(Cover image source: www.servicemasterofcharleston.com)

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