A Few Novel Home Date Ideas

If you managed to pick up a boyfriend or girlfriend before the pandemic, then maybe a stay-at-home date isn’t something you are new to. If you managed to stay at home with them the whole time without doing anything romantic, that’s on you. Either way, if you had to plan a home date with your partner for later this week, what would you choose to do? What are some novel activities you can plan that are engaging enough to warrant doing sober? Here is a list of drinking games “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_drinking_games”. If you were forced to, could you come up with a new drinking game? Can you even think beyond the idea of a romantic dinner and subsequent steamy after-party?

Admittedly, there are actually few things more romantic than eating together with your person of romantic interest or longer-term partner. But the first one on the list is definitely cooking dinner with them-which, of course- always involves the eating part. There are ways to make this incredibly fun. One thing you could do to make cooking with someone a more playful experience is to have all the ingredients ready to go and portioned out according to you chosen recipe. That way when that special someone arrives at your house, you can pour ‘em a drink, show them to the kitchen, and make the rest like a cooking show. You won’t have to make them walk to the pantry or check the fridge for a single ingredient, and instead you both can get to chopping, talking, mixing, baking and relating to each other.

The other day, my girlfriend gave me the best idea for an at home date. She suggested getting take-out, in this case a loaded Five-Guys hamburger, and filming ourselves in whatever setting while we attempt to feed each other bites until it’s all gone. Little did I know at the time, but there are actually quite a few YouTubers out there that do just this, and have attracted a multitude of likes and subscribers. But don’t do it for the fame or the money-that’s just not a sustainable attitude- do it for the fun of it! Get your guy/girl/person into filming quirky things such as these together; it doesn’t even have to be feeding each other or food related so long as it’s something you’re both into enough to trigger that joyous spark of spontaneity we all like to see in media and vlogging posts.

Maybe you’re one of those gamer guys who are lucky enough to have a girl who can sit and game. If you two can bond over that, then say no more. On the other hand, maybe this sort of activity lacks the face-to-face interaction you are looking for in any ideal date. But unless the two of you are both into chess or have the insatiable drive to defeat each other at everything including some simple board game, what other ‘games’ could possibly be any fun? I can think of something you might enjoy. Ever heard of Hunt A Killer? The company was formed in 2016 and has over 100,000 subscribers. They’ll send you a murder mystery game box you will open to uncover pieces of evidence having to do with a hypothetical crime mystery, with popular like popular titles like “The Melancholy Killer,” “Hawthorn Junction” or “Mystery Manor.” The experience is a bit like an escape room, and the goal is to piece together the story using you and your partner’s detective skills in order to find the killer and win the game.

When it does come to sex and intimacy, sometimes the only way to drag it out the longest is to take advantage of the foreplay. Can you think of any game you could suggest that would help to initiate things with your romantic partner? As was said before, the best types of activities are the ones that allow for one’s spontaneity to be expressed. But here is where my imagination falls flat. I can think of wrestling, or playing a more adult version of apples to apples, or maybe have each person write down a bunch of suggestive or intimate questions about the other person and put them into a hat to be drawn at random. Can you add to this list of foreplay games?

These things I posed as date-at home ideas will take you pretty far. But once you and your significant other have ran through all recipes and Hunt A Killer mysteries and become washed up YouTube Vloggers, you may have to start brainstorming your own. If you need more help coming up with home date ideas, be sure to reach out. Because if you can’t come up on your own with ways to preoccupy yourself with another from the confines of home, then how are you going to be ready for the bunker once the end of the world finally comes? In other words, trying to structure your free time with planned team activities is an art that few besides children are familiar with anymore. Can you, without regressing, recreate that familiarity with your partner if you can’t go out?

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