Fantastic tips to keep termites away from your house

Keep termites away
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Termites are tiny insects which often lead to a lot of damage when they enter your house. If they manage to find a way into your house and get the moisture, food and warmth that they need to survive, they can start destroying wooden objects and items around the house. This is why these silent destroyers need to be eliminated from your abode. It is rather astonishing to know that termites lead to a damage of $5 billion worth of items around the world in a year. The best cure however is the prevention and the following are some of the best tips to keep termites away:

Ensure that there are no water leaks in and around your house

Since termites need moisture to survive, they are attracted to water. Hence it is a good idea to ensure that no water is leaking in and around your house. To keep themselves working in liveable conditions, they require humidity which they can easily get from leaking water sources such as drain pipes and taps. Try and avoid these leaks as much as you can and do regular checks on them.

Avoid water leaks around the houseImage Credits:

Avoiding timber in the house is one of the tips to keep termites away

While it is true that wood is an essential part of designing of any indoor space, try to avoid certain kinds to which termites are most attracted such as timber. Also, avoid leaning timber or wooden furniture against the walls because that way, you won’t be able to notice a termite infestation. Once attracted, termites can lead to damage and may require you to go for pest control.

Avoid timber in house for termite preventionImage Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Avoid having gardens against your house

Another one of the tips to keep termites away that can help you prevent termite infestation in your house is to avoid having gardens against it. The dirt present in the beds of the gardens gives termites a route or access through the course of the bricks and to the timber inside. Moreover, if you have a garden, it will need water and that creates moisture to which termites are attracted.

Get termite inspections on a regular basis

Most of us avoid calling a professional to our house to get any kind of inspection done. But it is absolutely necessary that you get regular termite inspections done so as to prevent them from invading your house. This inspection can be done once annually but proves very useful.  Calling a professional for inspection is a much better scenario than calling one for pest control.

get termite inspection done regularly

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Get termite protection done

If you are someone who is building a new home or getting the existing one renovated, then it might be a good idea to get termite protection installed. What this technique does is that it creates a certain chemical barrier in the soil itself which kills termites that try to make their way up on the surface and into your house. It might not seem necessary to some but is a highly effective way to avoid termites and other kinds of pests forever.

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