4 factors that invite pests in home

No one wants their home to be invaded by pests. Ironically, you invite pests in your home. There are certain factors on which you do not pay attention and end up calling pests in your home. Following are the most common factors that invite pests in your home:

Open Food

Like every living being, pests also require food to breed and live. The food items that you leave in open or the food scraps which you forget to clean, attract pests like cockroaches, mice etc. Why would these intruders leave your home if there is an easy food source for them? So always keep your food in closed containers.


Pests require water to live. These pests survive on the water dripping from your leaky faucets and pipes. Water standing in the drains due to clogging or water standing in your garden area serves as an easy water source for the pests. Other common sources of drinking water for these invaders are: water accumulated in the coolers, water in the tray under plant-pot, swimming pool. To keep these invaders at bay, repair or replace your leaky pipes and faulty plumbing. Regularly empty the water accumulated in your coolers and containers. Keep the drains clean so that no water gets collected. If there is no water then there is no pest.


Garbage to you is garbage, but to the pests it is food. Make sure that you dispose the garbage every day and keep the dust bins and trash containers clean and disinfected. Maintain hygiene in your home.

Hole & Cracks

Pests like rodents, mice, cockroaches enter your home through the holes and cracks. Even tiny holes are big enough for these intruders to come into your home. To keep them away from your home, seal all the cracks and crevices in your walls with cement. Also check the small holes around the doors and windows (as rats can get in through small holes).

If you pay attention to the above factors that invite pests, you can save yourself from the worry and stress of pest infestation. So just invest a little time in managing your home and live in a pest free paradise.

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