Best ways to get rid of rats and rodents

get rid of rats and rodents
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Rats and rodents are one of the most annoying pests which not only are scary to have in your house but also carry many diseases and germs.  Not only do they contaminate food items but also leave germs from wherever they pass. This is why it is important to not be casual about them and try to get rid of them as soon as you spot them. But controlling rats and rodents can be tricky. However pest control is not the only way to follow. You can also get rid of them yourself. The following given ways to get rid of rats and rodents might help.

  • Inspection of their location is one of the best ways to get rid of rats

one of the best ways to get rid of rats and rodents is to find out their exact location or where they usually run off to and stay. Inspection of the location will be useful when you are going to trap and get rid of them.

  • Exclusion of the rats is an important part of the rat control process

Once you are clear what the exact location of the rats is, the next thing to aim for is their exclusion.  This technique involves making it difficult for these pests to enter the home or building. A lot of people believe that it is easier to use this trick on rats as compared to mice since rats are bigger in size. In order to apply this method, you need to seal all openings, gaps or spaces that are bigger than the size of ½ inches. However in the case of mice, all openings larger than ¼ inches must be sealed.

Seal all gaps to prevent rat entry into building

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  • Sanitation is very important to control rat infestation.

It is very important to maintain proper levels of sanitation in and around the house in order to prevent rats and rodents from entering.  Try to stuff openings like utility lines and pipes by stuffing copper mesh in them. The landscape areas around you should be properly cleaned and maintained whereas all kinds of garbage must be eliminated from your house and its surroundings atleast twice a day.

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  • Baiting and trapping helps get rid of rats and rodents

The next step is to trap the rats and rodents so that they can be eliminated from the house. Use effective and trusted rat traps as this helps small populations of rats and rodents to be easily trapped and removed from the house or the building. You can also make use of various kinds of rodenticides as baits but make sure they are kept out of the reach of children.

Use baiting and trapping to get rid of rats and rodentsImage Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The above given methods must be sufficient to try out DIY rat control. If in case none of these methods work for you, then you might be faced with something more serious and then you might need to approach a professional pest control company who might use more advanced ways to control the rat population in and around your house.


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    This article is a goldmine of rat eradication wisdom. It offers a comprehensive guide to tackling rodent issues effectively. The suggestions are practical and well-explained, making it easier for readers to reclaim their spaces. Thank you for the invaluable advice on eliminating these unwelcome guests.

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