7 easy tips for rodent control in winters


No doubt summers are the prime season for pests and insects but they do not become inactive during winters. In-fact as the temperature drops, your home becomes a comfortable heaven for pests especially mice and rats. Just like human beings, mice and rats search for warm and cozy places to survive in cold winter months. Also if you are not careful enough and leave food and water in open, then most likely these uninvited guests would settle in your home for long. Let us learn about some easy tips for rodent control to get ris of them in winters.

Here are some tips for rodent control in winters:

  1. Do not leave any food item in open. Store food in tightly closed containers preferably stainless steel and glass containers.
  2. Always clean the food scarps and crumbs after cooking and eating. Due to small body size, mice can survive on small quantity of food.
  3. If there are pets in your home, keep the pet food in a secure container. Also cover the half eaten pet food.
  4. Our garbage is food for rodents. So store garbage in closed bins. Dispose off the trash everyday by placing it outside home shortly before pick up. Do not leave the plastic trash bags out overnight.
  5. Stop them from entering your home. Inspect for cracks and holes in your walls, door and windows. If there are any, seal them with cement and metal. Also seal all the openings and cracks around plumbing pipes. Do not use cardboard or metal wool as sealing options, as mice are capable of chewing these items.
  6. Cleanliness is the most effective rodent repellent. Keep your home and surrounding areas clean and uncluttered so that there are no places for rodents to hide.
  7. Get rid of unused material i.e. junk from your garage and store. Keep these less used areas cleans and clutter free. This way there will be no warm place for rodents to hide.

Above are some preventive measures to keep rodents at door. But if the rodent problem has taken away the peace of your mind, contact pest control professionals for help. For Rodent Control in Delhi NCR, connect with Mr.Right.

Rodents though small in size can cause massive damage to your home and property. By following control measures you can stop them from entering your home.

Stay Rodent free! Stay Happy!

Team Mr.Right

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