3 conditions in your home that attract termites

Termite Food

Whether you have bought a new house or have been living in one for years, termite prevention is very important. Termites are extremely proficient living organisms. They breed, live, spread but most importantly they eat your furniture and wooden work. They are the biggest contributor to wooden items destruction. They are abundant in number and live in groups called colonies. A typical colony consists of thousands to lakhs of termites. There are certain conditions in your home that attract termites and we are going to discuss about them in detail here.

There are typically 3 conditions in your home that attract termites:

  • Soil: Termites love soil. They build their colonies in the ground. They use soil to make tunnel or tube system called galleries. These galleries extend up to several feet below the ground, from termite colonies to ground food source like the wooden items in your home.
  • Water: Like any other living organism, termites also require water for living. Water leaking from a faucet in your home, any leaky water supply or rain water collected outside your home or ground water provide ideal breading conditions for these parasites.
  • Wood: Termites consume any matter that contains cellulose. Since wood has cellulose in abundance, it is their favorite food. Termites can smell their favorite food if you are not careful. If a single piece of wood touches the ground, then be certain that a termite colony somewhere will know about it soon. Items that are their second favorite are vegetables, dead plants, dung and humus.

So be careful and do not make conditions in your home that attract termites. To understand how to prevent termite breeding refer to “11 guidelines for termite prevention“.

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