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    Kitchen Cleaning

    Kitchen Cleaning

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    Everybody likes a get-together. So do germs, roaches and pests. And what better place than a dirty kitchen with hidden dirt, grime and moisture that gets collected over time. Kitchen is the heart of your home.

    Duration 2 - 3 hours
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fixed

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    More about Kitchen Cleaning

    It’s where all the vegetables are cut and meals are prepared. Therefore, it is mandatory to regularly deep clean your kitchen with appropriate cleaning agents. While most of parts of a kitchen are accessible and can be cleaned easily, others are hard to reach, and thus require special kitchen cleaning services.

    Benefits of Kitchen Cleaning

    Kitchen cleaning is the simplest and most effective way of ensuring that hygiene is maintained and all food preparation is carried out in a clean environment. Regular kitchen cleaning also keeps all kinds of food poisoning and foodborne diseases at bay. Kitchen is one of the busiest places in a house and it's imperative that it is cleaned on a regular basis. It also attracts a lot of critters and germs due to the fact that it contains all kinds of food items. Here are several reasons why kitchen cleaning should be a regular activity:

    Prevent bugs, cockroaches and other types of critters: Most bugs and critters are attracted to fallen food items and kitchen-tops where food leftovers are most prone to stay unattended.

    Improve efficiency and convenience: Kitchen cleaning can help you feel good and provide convenience in terms of finding the right items faster. It’ll also lift your mood and help you focus more on the cooking rather than worrying about the dirty surroundings.

    Prevent foul smell and mould: Leftover food items become hotspot for all kinds of germs to grow, leading to foul smell and moulds. Best way to avoid growth of microbes is to carry out regular kitchen cleaning.

    In general, kitchen cleaning should be performed at regular intervals to ensure ants, bugs, and other pests are not attracted to the kitchen and the overall hygiene and quality of kitchen is maintained.

    What’s included in Kitchen Cleaning Service

    Our kitchen cleaning service includes the following:
    • Tiles are scrubbed and walls are dusted
    • Fans, Light Fixtures and Switchboards are cleaned
    • Window Glass, Sills, Grills and Doors are cleaned
    • Countertops, Stove and Backsplash is cleaned and disinfected
    • All Electric Appliances exteriors are cleaned
    • Chrome Fittings are cleaned and Sinks scrubbed and disinfected
    • Exhaust Fan and Chimney is de-greased
    • Floor is scrubbed and mopped