Dish TV not working: troubleshooting the issue

DTH set top box
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Dish TV is basically a device which helps you watch all the TV channels of your choice on your TV sets. Gone are the days when cable TV used to be popular since these days, most of the people have Dish or satellite TVs at their homes. The signal received is sent through satellites and due to this reason, dish TV may not work in some cases. However every once in a while your Dish TV may face certain problems and errors. If you are facing the problem of Dish TV not working, then you must know some basic ways to troubleshoot the issue. This is why we have brought some common reasons for the same as well as the solutions:

1. Check the power connection

The first thing that you need to do in case of Dish TV not working is to check the power connection. For this you need to do the following:

  • Check the power switch and ensure that it is turned on.
  • If yes, then try plugging in the main plug into another power supply to see whether the TV works. If it does work, then the problem may be with the previous supply socket.
  • Check the continuity of your plug using a multimeter to ensure it is working fine or not.
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check the power connection of Dish TV
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2. Check all the cables to ensure they are plugged in tightly

  • Now the next thing you need to do is to check all the cables of your dish TV connection and tighten each properly.
  • Sometimes a loose cable could be the cause of dish TV not working.
  • Once all the cables are checked and tighten, try switching on the dish TV again and check whether it is working
check cables again
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3. Check the weather and satellite connection

If your problem has still not been resolved, then the possible cause of this could be rainy weather conditions or strong winds. The following information on the same may prove useful:

  • Rainy weather and winds may be hindering the satellite projecting the channels to you and this may pass once the weather clears up.
  • Wait for the weather to become normal and then try switching on the TV again.
  • Try changing channels as in bad weather conditions, some channels may be coming and others may be not.
rainy season
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4. Insert the card again

In some cases, Dish TV may not work in case the card is not inserted inside properly. Follow the given steps to resolve this issue:

  • So what you need to do is to take out the card completely from the card slot given on your set top box and insert it in the right direction again.
  • Make sure it has gone inside completely.
  • Try switching on the TV once again and check whether it has started working or not.
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If the above given points help to solve the problem, then you have troubleshooted the issue of dish TV not working but if the issue hasn’t been resolved then in that case you need to contact a professional from your service provider. You can also call Mr Right services for Dish TV not working or DTH installation and other related problems.

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    Good morning mera dish tv chalthay chalthay still hotha hai aur off on karnay say start hotha hai. Aur kabi reciver off on hotha hai.

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  5. 5

    i KNOW weather is a problem sometimes It getting to where it is off more than on and it says due to weather. We have not had any rain for a week, and my tv in bedroom hasn’t worked right sense it was hooked up. The wait time to talk to someone is not good. It sure didn’t take very long when I called to change to Dish, thinking I made a mistake.

    Nina Geering

  6. 6

    My service is bad more often than good. It freezes constantly. Whether I’m trying to watch a recorded show or tv. I have called, no one can fix it. I have done everything nothing works for very long. I’m paying for something that does not work. I have done and checked everything nothing works. I also received another box. So if someone can tell me what’s going on I would greatly appreciate it. I dont have billing issues but the tv service is awful.

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    snow has been cleared twice. Everything works after clearing. can we add a hood to the dish to prevent build up ?

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    I have 3 tbs hooked to dish all our working except one in bedroom only has snowy background and no picture. Have unhooked and rehooked. Please help

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      This is the exact information what I was searching for. Thanks!! You have clearly mentioned each and every possible solutions because of which problems occurs with dish home. Mainly I found the problems are seen in the case weather and satellite connections.

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