What is a Satellite and Radio Media Tour?

When a corporation intends to deliver a certain message, it may send out its ambassadors to television and radio stations to carry out the live interactions and the live broadcasts. This is a form of public relations technique that uses experts with deep knowledge of the information intended to be passed. Such experts include artists, executives and even authors who reach out to millions using satellite uplinks in the stations for a few hours – mostly morning hours – or do so in the course of a few days depending on the message intended to be passed. Such expeditions are what we refer to satellite/ radio media tours (SMT, RMT).

Why Consider SMT & RMT for Your Marketing Campaigns

Satellite media tours are a simple and cost-effective way of delivering marketing messages to a rather wide audience over a large geographical region. It goes a long way to boost your PR and marketing strategies and is a sure vehicle to secure guaranteed coverage enabling you to reach newer and wider outlets over a very short period of time. Note that it’s not only done on TV and radio but can also be carried out successfully online. With these options, one can choose to carry it out from the studio or remotely – whichever way that best suits your business and message.

SMTs and RMTs could come in real handy when introducing a new product to the market. It enables a large audience know of your existence as well as define exactly what you have to offer. It also offers the audience a chance to get the answers they might have been looking for during the interview. This is possible since the news anchors are given time to prepare as well as compile a list of possible questions that would benefit your audience. The technique could also prove beneficial when entering new markets or making changes and developments such as merging.

Conducting a Successful Satellite Media Tour

As already seen, a satellite media tour is simply an interview of a company’s spokesman distributed through satellite. Bookings are made well in advance giving the PR practitioner enough time to have him/her adequately acquainted to the message and information. The station may then choose to air it live or tape it for later use.

Before going for the SMT, it is essential to clearly define your goals and objectives. A well-built communication plan creates a positive picture on your firm. Make prior consultations with your team of experts and choose a member who can deliver effectively. It’s not everyone who’s meant for the screens after all. If possible, however, make sure the person chosen hasn’t featured in previous media tours within the past 2-3 months in any station. This is because media stations might probably delay the broadcast to a future date.

The media station you decide to go for makes a big impact and difference and determines how well ROI will be realized. Make sure the time set before the tour is enough for all preparations. This calls for meaningful research to develop compelling stories that will captivate your audience. Ensure the producers don’t rip you off in the process – this is why proper research on your station is needed too. In short, ensure you get good value for the proper amount.

That’s It!

There you have it – satellite and radio media tours defined in their simplest form. Should you reach a point in your organization to seek out such services, aim for perfection. Mistakes on-air won’t paint such a positive picture for your firm – but you already know this. I wish you luck in your marketing campaigns.

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