How to backup data on cloud

data back up on cloud
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Technology has truly transformed the way we live and has its influence in each aspect of our lives. Remember the days when we used to be worried about data loss? Well those days are definitely gone, thanks to cloud storage. Cloud storage is basically the online backup of your files and important documents which prevents their theft or loss in any way. But do you know how to backup data on cloud? Well the following is a detailed description of the same which might prove useful.

1. Find a good cloud storage service

There is no dearth of cloud storage options online. Some of the popular ones include Dropbox and Google Drive. So first you need to find out the possible options and select the one that you like the most. While some of the services are absolutely free of cost, others may require you to make a certain amount of payment. So choose the plan based on your requirement and then shortlist the storage service.

2. Pay and sign up

The next step that you need to follow to backup data on cloud is to pay the amount of the cloud storage service (if any) through online payment and then sign up for an account.  In case the service is for free, you can straight away sign up without paying any amount. Once you have signed up, you will be asked to download the service on your system.

3. Download the service

Download the service on your system by following the dialogue box that keep opening up on your system and a folder will appear on the desktop or any other destination that you choose manually. Once the service is downloaded, you can keep adding your data to it to back it up completely.

4. Backup data on cloud

The next step that you need to follow is to select all the data that you want to take a cloud backup of and keep adding it to the cloud folder that you have just downloaded. By doing so, all your selected data will be stored on cloud storage through Wifi and is backed up completely.  This means that even if you switch systems or your system gets infected with virus etc, the data stored on cloud will not be harmed. It is password protected and only you can access it. Infact, you can even access it on multiple devices including your phone and tablet etc as well.

backup data on cloud

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Cloud storage has changed the world stores its data and has proven very beneficial for not just individuals but also businesses who cannot afford to lose some of their important data. There are many new cloud storage services coming up as well and even most phones come with inbuilt cloud storage these days.  If you are unsure of this process then you can opt for computer repair and services by Mr Right. So contact them today and get familiar with cloud storage.

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