The best video games for beginners

Video games don’t stand still and involve more and more people worldwide every year. However, finding the right entry point into an unfamiliar medium can be challenging for those who have never played. So today, we have prepared ten fresh and time-tested releases to conquer the most novice gamer and help you fall in love with video games.For fans of gambling, there is another option. The most exciting demo and real money games you can find on, which specializes in games of the most reliable casinos.

Ring Fit Adventure

Platform: Nintendo Switch

This unusual adventure game for the Nintendo Switch could be an alternative to going to the gym! Featuring a unique motion-activated controller, each gameplay session becomes a balanced workout that adapts to the capabilities of anyone, from an active athlete to a child or older adult. Vivid visuals and a simple plot tie all exercises into a coherent process, which will be much more exciting than the usual fitness session. 

Just Dance


  • PlayStation 4, 
  • PlayStation 5, 
  • Xbox Series X|S, 
  • Nintendo Switch

Another game for those who prefer an active lifestyle or do not mind dancing sometimes. Just Dance is probably the most accessible game in our selection. All you need to do is take a controller or a smartphone, choose the track you like, and repeat the movements shown on the screen. The developers regularly add the loudest hits of the year to the selection of songs – from R’n’B and electronica to rock and hip-hop. So it’s easy to find a tune that sounds good. But to improve yourself in Just Dance, you can practically endlessly because the more precisely you get to the beat, the more points you will get!

Super Mario Party

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Suppose you have a lively group of people in your house who want to play something, but their familiarity with video games varies greatly. In that case, Super Mario Party is a good option for everyone. It is a set of short and intuitive mini-games that can participate from one to four players. Some games require skill and marksmanship, while others – require attention and self-control. Everyone will find something of their own. In this case, all these fun activities are scattered on a large field, resembling a board game. And the defeat in one mini-game never takes away the chance to win the long game! It is the perfect game for any party, from classmate gatherings to work for corporate parties.

God of War


  • PC, 
  • PlayStation 4, 
  • PlayStation 5

If you want to appreciate all that video games have achieved by 2022 in terms of technological trickery, graphics, and staging, then be sure to play the God of War Dilogy. After all, on the one hand, it’s full of drama stories about family relationships against the background of strife Scandinavian gods, wrapped in a format of dynamic action with epic battles against fantastic creatures. And on the other hand, thanks to a whole swarm of unique settings, these games can become accessible to everyone. 

Forza Horizon 5

Platform: Xbox Series X|S

If you are not so interested in the story but in the gameplay, pay attention to the brightest racing game of the last generation – Forza Horizon 5. It will throw you into exotic Mexico with many colorful landscapes, from jungles and canyons to snow-covered mountains and modern cities. But, believe me: the most pleasant way to see them will be out the window of a car with a three-digit number on the speedometer. Therefore, the local fleet is at your service, containing more than five hundred models of vehicles: from the desert buggy to the elite sports cars. Of course, trying them out will be possible in numerous racing races, including competing with real opponents. And many settings will make your experience in this game as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

Detroit: Become Human


  • PC, 
  • PlayStation 4

Have you ever dreamed of being in control of your protagonist’s actions while watching an epic blockbuster movie? If yes, Detroit: Become Human is the game for you. It is a spectacular sci-fi thriller about an android uprising shortly. And at the same time, it is a powerful social drama with Hollywood-level staging. Only with the difference that all the main characters are under your keen control. You will decide what to do at the most pivotal moments of the plot and determine the further development of history. How will the fate of humanity in the future turn? Will the two civilizations come to peaceful coexistence? Or is conflict inevitable? In Detroit: Become Human, the answers to these questions depend primarily on you.

Grand Theft Auto V


  • PlayStation 4, 
  • PlayStation 5, 
  • Xbox One

It was easier to do with the best-selling game in the selection. Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 will be ten years old this year, it still attracts millions of players. And they are understandable because GTA 5 is a whole virtual world, designed to the smallest detail, where the player has impressive freedom of action. You can follow the main plot of the criminal action game, take part in plenty of other activities and plunge into the multiplayer mode with much unique content that has its own rules.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Platform: PlayStation 5

If you’re suddenly caught up in the classic bouncing beastie adventure games of the mid-90s, you’ll feel right at home in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It is a traditional colorful platformer in which you must overcome various obstacles and fight grotesque cartoon opponents. The adventures of a pair of space wanderers – charming furry-eared animal Ratchet and his faithful robot Clank – do not leave children or adults indifferent. A sample of a modern game that can gather the whole family around the TV. And the impressive graphics, which use advanced technology last generation consoles, make an immersion in alien worlds fabulous.

Disco Elysium

Platform: Xbox One

Unconditionally the best modern game for those who prioritize an exciting story, deep characters, and artistic merit in any work. Disco Elysium is a true literary masterpiece clothed in video game form. At its most basic level, it’s a detective game in which two player-controlled partners must solve a case of a mysterious murder in a provincial town. But it’s worth digging deeper as Disco Elysium opens up to you as a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. Vivid imagery, a unique fantasy world, and a brilliantly written script make this game the perfect gift for lovers of profound art.

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