3 possible reasons behind a noisy laptop

Laptop making noise

Is your laptop making too much noise lately? There could be many possible reasons behind a noisy laptop, but the root causes can be broadly described as—overheating, faulty motor of cooling fan and hard disc problem.

Overheating problem

Talking about laptop overheating, if your laptop is working too hard, the cooling fans will have to work hard for a longer period of time, spinning at higher speeds to dissipate the heat generated by CPU. This causes noise.

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To fix this, go to your Task Manager and close all the unwanted processes which are eating up your CPU. Hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the Task Manager (or, if you’re on a Mac, open up Activity Monitor under /Applications/Utilities). You can also try killing these processes before they even start-up. Hit Start, find Run (you may need to search for it, depending on your particular version of Windows) and type in msconfig and click OK.

Reasons behind a noisy laptop

Dust collecting on the CPU or a graphics card’s heat sink also reduces its ability to dissipate heat; dust on the mechanism of a system fan can cause it to run longer and make more noise. To fix this, clean up the dust accumulating in the air-vents and also by opening the laptop body.

Faulty motor of cooling fan

If closing the unwanted process and dusting CPU does not work, it might be a failing motor of the cooling fan and one of the reasons behind a noisy laptop. System fans use enclosed motors that generally require no service, but sometimes, the mechanism can fail.

Noisy laptop repair

A damaged bearing can create a squeaking noise that increases in pitch and volume as the fan speeds up, or you may detect a grinding noise from a motor whose interior lubrication has failed. Either way, a fan that won’t stop making noise is one that may fail at any moment, and it may cause your system to overheat in the process. A small surgery is needed to be performed in that case. You need to purchase a fan for your laptop’s model and replace it with the old one.

Noisy hard drive

Laptop making noise

The third possibility is a noisy hard drive. If you notice a loud grinding or clicking noise every time your laptop accesses the hard drive, it could be a sign of hardware failure, especially if you also begin to encounter data errors or system instability. The hard disc needs to be repaired/replaced in that case. Remember to back-up your data before playing around with the hard drive! This should fix your laptop’s noise.

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