Most common problems with hair dryers you may experience

hair dryer common problems
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A hair dryer is an electronic device which finds use in almost every household.  This appliance, as the name very well suggests is mainly used to dry hair after a wash and also styles them in many ways. It is useful for both men and women and is definitely the most used hair styling device ever made. However your hair dryer can encounter various types of problems which might make them difficult for you to use. The following is a list of the common problems with hair dryers which you must know about.

1. Problem with the switch of the hair dryer

One of the most common problems with hair dryers is that of the switch. Sometimes, the switch may not work properly and this issue must be resolved.  While in some hair dryers, there is only and on and off switch, while in others, different switches might be present for different functions such as controlling the heat and speed etc.

2. Problem with the fan of the hair dryer

Another common problem that your hair dryer may encounter is the problem with the fan.  The main purpose of the fan of a hair dryer is to pull the air through a vent and push it out of the nozzle. This air coming out of the nozzle is the one you use for styling your hair.  The fan speed switch is responsible for feeding it with electrical current.  There are two main reasons why the fan may not work properly and they are moisture and hair.

hair dryer fan problem
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3. Problem with the heating element of the hair dryer

Problem with the heating element present in the hair dryer is yet another one of the common problems with hair dryers.  The heating element of the hair dryer is basically a continuous high resistance wire which is wound around a frame which is nonconducting.  In some cases this element may encounter a problem which may result in the hair dryer not working properly.

4. Thermal cut-out problem with the hair dryer

Problem with the thermal cut-out is also a common problem one may experience with a hair dryer. A thermal cut-out is basically located in the element assembly of your dryer and fulfils the purpose of shutting off the hair dryer element in case it becomes too hot.

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These were the most common problems with hair dryers however it can encounter several other big and small issues. A lot of people can resolve these small issues on their own. But if you are unable to do so or are not able to detect what the issue is, then you may need professional help. There is no dearth of electricians or other technicians, who can check, diagnose and correct the problem that your hair dryer has encountered.  For any appliance repair and services, you can reach out to Mr Right solutions!

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