Learn how to do a waterless car wash – the complete guide!

Waterless car wash guide

A waterless car wash is a method where you spray ‘waterless wash solution’ on the car and wipe-dry the surface. This method will not only save water (only needs about 200 ml for a hatchback) and your precious time, but also a lot of your elbow grease! It’s important to remember that this process should only be used for light to medium dirty cars, otherwise you’ll end up inducing fine scratches on the clearcoat.

What you need?

A waterless car wash solution, a car duster and 2-3 plush microfiber cloths (preferably above 500gsm).

Here is a list of products available on Amazon that you would need:

  1. PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Kit Concentrate
  2. Jopasu Car Duster

PRO tip: Waterless car wash products are available in the market as ready to use spray bottles and as concentrates. We recommend buying a concentrate due to their sheer value for money. Dilute them according to the manufacturer’s instructions in a spray bottle and you’re good to go. Only use distilled or drinking water for dilution.
Now, let’s do this!

1. Divide the car into panels

Waterless wash liquids tend to dry up quickly. Therefore, the idea is to go panel by panel on the car i.e. spray a panel and wiping it immediately without waiting, then move to the next panel and repeat the process.

2. Dusting

Dusting the car before waterless car wash

Begin by dusting the car with a good quality car duster. This will minimize the chances of you rubbing the dust on the paint and scratching it.

3. Starting with roof

Starting with the cleanest panel on the vehicle is the right way of doing any kind of car wash. Thus, the roof should be your starting point. Saturate the roof with the waterless wash solution and gently start wiping in straight lines with medium to light pressure. Keep a close eye on the cleanliness of the microfiber. If it’s dirty, switch over to a clean side of the cloth.

PRO tip: If you wipe in a circular motion, you’re wiping the dirt you’ve just removed back on the section you’ve just cleaned. It’s counterproductive.

4. Wipe the panel dry

Waterless car wash

Give the panel a final wipe from the dry side of the microfiber and move to the next panel. Repeat the process until you’ve done the whole car.

5. Don’t forget the wheels

Waterless car wash

Do the same process for the wheels, one wheel at a time. Since, wheels are the dirtiest part of a car, always use a separate microfiber cloth for them.



Remember, waterless car wash should be done between traditional car washes. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, book a traditional car wash at Mr Right and relax.

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