Cleaning a car windshield: top 3 ways

cleaning a car windshield
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A car windshield is one part of the car which gets dirty the quickest since it is placed outside of the vehicle and is prone to catching dust and dirt often. Bugs, leaves and various kinds of grime particles can get accumulated on the windshield and can even obstruct the view of the driver. This is why it is important to clean it often and keep is well maintained.  There are many ways and products which can help keep it absolutely clean and in best condition. Some of them are given as follows.

1. Clean the outside part of the car windshield

The first thing that must do to clean your car windshield is cleaning its outside part. For this you must first lift the wipers up and then leave them in that position. Clean the area beneath them and then spray some glass cleaner. Spray in a way that your sprays cover the maximum area. Now wipe the glass in straight and vertical motion. For this, a microfiber rag does the best job.  Once the vertical motion is done, move your hand in horizontal motion.

cleaning the exterior of car windshield

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2. Buff the car windshield

The next step to follow is to buff the windshield. Buffing basically means moving your hand with the rag in it in circular motion.  But make sure that the towel that you use now is not the same one that was used previously.

3. Clean the interior part of the car windshield

Now that your exterior windshield looks clean and shiny, it is time to clean it from the interior side. For this, you must first spread a towel on the entire dashboard so that none of the cleaner and the dust falls on it.  Now take a scrub pad and spray some liquid glass cleaner on it. You can also spray a few squirts on the interior windshield as well.  Now starting from one side, move the scrub pad in parallel lines from either top to bottom or left to right. Similarly move to the other side and repeat the process.  Once the entire windshield is scrubbed, you can use a dry microfiber towel to clean the whole area again.

cleaning the interior of car windshield

Image Credits: Pexels

The above given steps must be followed every once in a while and especially after rains, windstorms and snowstorms etc. This will ensure total cleaning and maintenance of your car windshield. However you must pay attention to the products that you use since they make a large difference to the kind of cleaning results you obtain.  Try and avoid glass cleaners which consist of ammonia. While plain water is a good glass cleaner, it might not provide results that a commercial glass cleaner can help provide.  Also, windshield cleaning cannot be just anytime. You must do it after all other car cleaning or car repair works and preferably on a clear and sunny day. The towel used for scrubbing and cleaning too must be good quality and preferably clean.

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