Easy car care and maintenance tips to follow

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Owning a vehicle these days is more of a necessity than a luxury but what is even more necessary is taking care of it and maintaining it on a regular basis. It is a fact that the car owners who maintain their vehicles properly pay much lesser for repairs and other services than those who don’t. Moreover, regular maintenance is also the key to squeezing out the optimum performance from your vehicle. The following is a list of some easy car care and maintenance tips that anyone can follow:

  1. Check your car’s tire pressure often

One of the things that you need to do to ensure good performance from your vehicle is checking its tire pressure every once in a while.  This is important since inflated tires consume more fuel and can also prove risky. If you haven’t used the car for several hours or days, then before using it, you must check the tire pressure. To know what the optimum tire pressure is, you can read the vehicle’s manual or the one that comes with the tires.

check the tire pressure of your car often

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  1. Check the coolant level

Another tip to make sure your car is in perfect condition is to check its coolant level every now and then.  This won’t take much time since the coolant expansion tank is usually translucent and you will be able to know the level by simply looking at it. The level should be between the marks ‘max’ and ‘min’. If the level is low, then you must add to it. However if the level keeps dropping every time and you need to add it every month, then you must refer to a car mechanic.

check the coolant level often

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  1. Check the engine and transmission oil level

In order to check the engine oil level, you must start the engine for a few seconds so that it gets well lubricated. Now take out the dipstick and clean it properly. Dip it back again in the engine oil to take the correct reading.  If it doesn’t read full level then you may need to add oil whereas if during every inspection, the reading is low, then the issue must be discussed with a mechanic.  By following the same method, you can also check the level of the transmission oil.

  1. Check the steering fluid level of your vehicle

Your power steering fluid also needs to be checked periodically and to do this; you must first unscrew the cap of the fluid tank which has a dipstick in it.  If the level is low, you must immediately contact a mechanic.

Check the steering fluid level once in a while

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  1. check the brake fluid level of your car

You must also check the level of brake fluid in your car by unscrewing the cap and then taking out the dipstick. Different vehicles have the brake fluid tank at different places and hence you must see where yours is located. If the fluid level is low, then it is a cause of concern and you must get it checked.

Some other things that you must do to maintain your vehicle is regular cleaning and washing and checking all the lights once in a while. Besides this, you must get it serviced periodically, depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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