Fun Getaway Ideas for your next Holiday

Whenever you have a holiday just around the corner, you will finally get some time off from work. You might want to plan for a getaway, of course by keeping safety measurements in mind. The lists of the places you haven’t visited yet are endless and it is hard to choose just one option. However, we will help you by offering a view of some of the best places to visit this time:

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a hook-shaped peninsula on the edge of the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. Some of the main towns include Dennis and Barnstable, where you can enjoy some of the Cape Cod vacation rentals for an affordable price – and the area is fascinating. There are fourteen historical lighthouses spread across the 878km2 area of land, and even though the area is called Cape Cod, there are actually no codfish. The area is home to the Kennedy Legacy trail too, where you can get ferries to the iconic Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, whilst also appreciating some of the museums that the area has to offer. The area is known for its sand-dune and black beach beaches covering most of the coastline. Cape Cod is easily accessible by road too, meaning that you can drive to and from Plymouth – great for those who like driving through the great country. Lastly, its natural beauty will pull anyone into the area that many people would like to call home.


Lapland celebrates Christmas like no other. The area is full of attractions and the snow will remind you of Christmas. It is Finland’s northernmost region, meaning that it is in the Arctic Circle, great for those who like the cold temperatures. You should aim for at least four days in Lapland as there is a lot to do. One of the biggest attractions within Lapland and most of the Arctic is the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and they can be viewed from this iconic spot. Near the border with Norway lies the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, where the 712km2 square has some of the best scenery within the country. The main trail spans around 63km in length and takes you through to a gorge that is, unfortunately, off-bounds in April, May, and June. This is most likely because of how rainy and slippery it can get during these times, making it unsafe for most people. However, the area, as already stated, makes you feel like you really are celebrating like nowhere else. You really would want to come back for more.


Barcelona is Spain’s second city – known globally for its football team and for the beautiful views. Its to-do list is as plentiful as the long, sunny days that you can spend here. The Barcelona Cathedral (Catedral de Barcelona) is now in place of the old Roman Cathedral that used to stand tall. As you can probably guess, it is a religious building, and they are beautiful. If you visit the city, do not miss walking past this. La Sagrada Familia is another beautiful landmark that tourists to Barcelona would love to see. The site is still in the building and is to become a minor basilica in the Christian religion. Gaudi-influenced buildings dot the city, from Casa Mila to Park Guell, and the tourist attractions make this one of the only must-view cities in the world. The beaches on Catalonia’s coast make Barcelona a hot spot for tourists too, as many people would enjoy soaking up the sun, something you cannot do in Madrid. With your international driving permit, you could easily visit all these cities with your car, stopping wherever you want to. 


Not very far at all from Barcelona is our last destination – Malta, the cheap hotels for good quality is what attracts many people. The Mediterranean island chain lies south of Italy and east of Spain and France, making it easily accessible via cruise or boat. Whilst Malta is not a huge archipelago, its attractions are plentiful, including the Blue and Crystal Lagoons, where you can relax and enjoy the sun. Furthermore, you can dive through caves and see the fallen Azure Window, a naturally fallen arch. The baroque cathedral in Malta is a spiritual place indeed. Valetta, the capital of Malta, is the first go-to destination, as it is easily accessible and has many locals who will help lend a hand if and/or when you need it. Continuing on from this, Valletta is a historic city that has many places to stay. The prices for food and other necessities is about average, and you should really be planning at least four to five days here, because, while it may be small, there is more to do here than a lot of places.

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