Complete car wash: A step-by-step guide!

Five steps to a shiny car

Keeping your car washed and free from dust, grime, break dust, bird droppings etc. will not only keep it looking pretty but also help you maintain its resale value. The reason being, all of the above deteriorate the clearcoat of your car, thus exposing the paint. The paint is, in-fact, delicate and it doesn’t take much time for it to chip off, and now rust starts to build up.

Make sure the car is cool to the touch when you begin washing. Preferably, choose a spot under the shade. Now, let’s get to it!

The prerequisites for the car wash process

A bucket, water supply with a hose, 3 microfiber cloths and a car shampoo. Microfibers and a specialised car shampoo are essential. You don’t want to use that ‘‘dirty’’ rag to “clean” your car, right?

PRO tip: Buy a Wash and Wax shampoo if you want some extra gloss after the wash!

1. Get the arsenal ready

In a clean bucket, pour some shampoo (quantity as directed by the manufacturer) and then fill up the bucket with water, thus creating suds automatically. Dip one out of the three microfiber cloths in the solution, keep the second microfiber for doing the tyres and the third one form drying. Also keep the water hose ready.

2. Initial rinse

Initial Rinse

Rinse the whole car via the water hose. This removes the loose dirt and lubricates the surface.

PRO tip: Always go from top to bottom while washing the car.

3. Shampoo time

car wash shampoo

Firstly, use the dipped microfiber cloth to shampoo the whole car. Again, remember to go from top of the car to bottom. Do not apply extra pressure while scrubbing the surface, it would prevent the surface from swirl marks. Now do the tyres with the second microfiber.

PRO tip: Before dipping the microfiber again into the shampoo solution, squeeze out the cloth to remove the picked up dirt.

4. Rinse the car again

Car wash

Give the car a final rinse down to remove all of the shampoo from the car. Preferably use low water pressure in this step.

5. Drying the car

drying the car with a microfiber

Now use the third microfiber to dry the whole car. Use minimum pressure on the surface and again follow the top to bottom approach here. This step is vital to achieve that streak free finish!

PRO tip: Buy a waffle weave microfiber cloth which is specially designed to soak water.


Not able to find time during weekends to follow the above steps? Book a car wash with Mr Right and let the PROs do it for you!

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    everyone can wash their own car but washing the car with the proper process is important to do not get the scratches on car paint. Thank you for sharing this useful car wash process to have a complete and perfect car wash.

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