Best ways to identify problems in your car’s air conditioner

check car Air conditioners faults
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In this scorching summer heat, it is impossible to imagine living any minute without an air conditioner. Whether it is indoors or in cars, an air conditioner is a must and this is why it is important that you ensure that it is working in top condition. However if you notice that the car’s air conditioner has stopped working or is not functioning properly, you must troubleshoot the issue either yourself or by asking a professional. For this, identifying the issue first is important. The following are some useful ways through which you can identify the trouble with the car’s air conditioner.

1. Check whether the issue is with the air flow or the cooling fans

The first thing that you need to do is to check whether the problem is with the air flow or the cooling fans. For this turn on the car’s air conditioner and check the air flow.  See if the air coming out of it is cold or warm.  If the air is not cool, there may be an issue with the flow of air however if cooling fans are not working on the radiator, then it may be an electrical fault.  In order to increase the air flow, you may need to replace the air filters.

check air conditioner's faults

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2. See whether the compressor is working or not.

The next thing that you need to check is whether the compressor is working or not.  For this you first need to find the air conditioner in the engine bay and then check if the pulley and its center are turning along together. In the cases when the air conditioner is working fine, a clutch engages and the centre of the pulley will turn along with the pulley. If not, then the compressor may be faulty or broken and may need replacement. In some cases, filling refrigerant in it can also do the trick and solve the issue.

4. Inspect the wiring which leads to the car’s air conditioner compressor

Now the next step that follows is checking the wiring which connects with the compressor of the car’s air conditioner. Try and look for a connector which is located in the middle point of that wire.  Now unplug this connector and connect it to the positive end of the wire to a battery.  If there is a loud sound then that means that the electric clutch is working in the right condition however if you don’t hear a sound, then this means you need to replace it.

check the wiring leading to compressor

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons


4. Check for leakage in the air conditioning system

Another possible problem that can arise with car’s air conditioner  is leakage. To check for leaks, it is better to buy a leak detection kit from the market. The kit will also have an instruction manual to use the leak dye. It is however better to contact a professional for this job.

Now that you know how to detect and identify possible problems with air conditioners of cars, you can easily find out the faults and get them repaired from professionals.

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