How to: safely jump starting a car

Jumper cables for starting car

Jump starting a car is a far more efficient way than the push start technique you use everytime. But knowing the right method for jump starting is very important. Just follow the following steps and safely start your car again:
1. Park both vehicles in neutral, apply hand brakes and turn-off the engine.
2. Use the RED cable to connect the POSITIVE terminals of both the batteries.
3. Connect one end of the BLACK cable to the NEGATIVE terminal of the working battery and the other end of the cable to an ‘unpainted metal surface’ of the other vehicle. Recheck the connections for errors and make sure the connections are tight.

jumper cable connections
4. Start the vehicle with working battery and let the engine run for a few minutes.
5. Then try to start the car with dead battery. If it doesn’t work let the dead battery charge for some more time.
6. Once your car gets running, remove the jumper cables in the reverse order to which they were applied. That is, starting with black cable connected to the unpainted metal, then disconnect the positive terminal from the dead battery, then disconnect the terminals from the good battery starting with the positive terminal. This step is very important to avoid sparking.


Voila! Now, that you’ve recovered the battery jump starting, head to a workshop and buy a new one.


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    Thanks for the information. Jump starter is not a battery charger, A jump starter can be used anywhere only when battery is dead. This technique works most of time and very helpful when car battery goes down.

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      Hi Mayank. Couldn’t agree more. Jump starters are even better than jumper cables as you don’t need another vehicle, line them up closely etc. Particularly helpful when travelling to remote areas where you don’t have anyone around.

      Mr Right Team

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