7 cool features of LED bulbs and things to consider before buying them

Well we all know LED bulbs offer more light while consuming very less power and are even more expensive than CFL bulbs, but did you know the following interesting features of LED bulbs at homes?
1. LEDs come in many colour outputs and are highly monochromatic i.e. they emit a pure colour in a narrow frequency range
2. Average life span is almost more than 10 times that of CFL bulbs
3. Doesn’t have mercury, which is hazardous to health and environment, while CFLs do
4. LEDs are highly durable, thus withstanding jarring and bulbs
5. Ability to be controlled by a smartphone (see Philips Hue)
6. Switching on and off does not affect the lifespan of LED bulbs, while CFL gets adversely affected
7. Emits very less heat as compared to CFL bulbs, thus, no black marks on the walls due to heat

Now that you want to buy LED bulbs, let’s look at the factors to keep in mind while buying them.

1. Brightness

Here is a table showing wattage comparison of LED, incandescent and CFL bulbs for equivalent lumens.

comparison of led, cfl and incandescent bulbs

2. The light colour

LED bulbs are capable of emitting wide spectrum of colours ranging from shades of yellow to pure white and red to violet. Philips Hue range of LED bulbs are a great example. The most preferred colour lights are white, soft white, and warm white.

Light colour temperature comparison
These were the two factors which should decide your purchase. At a time when everything is getting smart and full of tech, it’s time to give your bulbs an upgrade too!

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