How to fix a gas grill with low flame?

Barbecue gas grill
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Summers are coming! Yes, you read it right. When the scorching sun is ringing the doorbells, Are you ready to beat the heat this season? With one of the most gratifying things in the summers, Barbecuing with your mates is really soothing. However, the giant gas grill is also prone to stop working due to its delicate use. If you have a gas grill at home and it is not producing enough flame or temperature then let’s learn how to fix it –

Before Starting, ensure-

Continuously ensure that you have removed your tank valve and detached your flame broil from its fuel source before you accomplish any work on your barbecue. On the off chance that you have had your ga grill on, ensure it has chilled off totally. In case you had the gas on, give the barbecue five minutes for the gas to disperse prior to investigating.

Clogged Burners of the gas grill

Gas grill burner barbecue flame
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The first check you have to diagnose is the clogged pores of the burners present below the serving hood of the grill. You have to simply unclog the holes with the help of a metal wire or any other stiff ductile metal. It will provide a space for gas to pass through and burn effectively.

You can also replace your old burners with these universal ones-

Damaged Control knobs

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It may sound odd but the tiny round disks on the front of your gas grill are also an important player in choking the flame. The control knobs if turned loose can keep the flame at a constant intensity and you will be unable to turn it less or more.

This may cause a serious issue in the future and the control knobs must be replaced.

Best universal knob replacements for gas grills:

Faulty Regulators or Gas Valves

This is a typical issue with numerous flame broils and is quite often a result of the fuel line regulator.

Regulators will in general be tacky. At the point when they stick, they limit the measure of gas and won’t create a decent flame broiling temperature. To invert this, discharge the tension on the regulator to reestablish typical fuel stream by following these means:

  1. Open the top hood of the gas grill.
  2. Remove the gas pipe from the grill after turning the regulator off.
  3. Put all the control valves to the highest and wait for a minute or two.
  4. Turn the valves back to off.
  5. Attach the gas tank back to the barbecue. This process is a little reboot for the main LP regulator.

If the situation persists, we strongly recommend you replace the regulator. These parts are easily available on the online store and you can fix them on your own at home.

Bestselling gas grill regulators:

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