How to bleed steam out of hot water radiator

hot water radiator not heating
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A hot water radiator is a heat exchange device which transfers thermal energy from one medium to the other to fulfil the need for space heating.  If you are someone who owns this device then you would know that it may sometimes encounter problems and one of them is not heating properly.  One of the main reasons for this is trapped air or steam inside.  In order to let the hot water radiator work properly you will have to bleed the steam out of hot water radiator. The following given points and methods will help you do the same:

Method 1

  • The first thing to do to bleed steam out of hot water radiator is to look for a small sized valve at the top of the appliance.
  • Take a flat screwdriver or a radiator key and turn the valve slowly in a counter clockwise direction until the water starts to drip out.
  • What this will do is that it will release all the trapped air and make the hot water go into the cold fins.
  • The main thing to note here is the key. There are various kinds of keys available at hardware stores.  This key basically plays the function of opening up the valve which controls the process of bleeding.
  • It is important to remember that while opening up the valve it is important to wear safety glasses as hot steam tends to come out rushing and is under a lot of pressure.
  • This steam can prove dangerous for you as it can cause some serious burns.
steam radiator

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Method 2

  • The air vents that are located on the radiator are meant to release excess steam. But in certain cases or after prolonged usage, they may become clogged.
  •  You can ask a professional to clear or clean them.
  •  It is infact essential that you get regular servicing or maintenance done to get the vents unclogged as clogging can decrease the overall efficiency of the appliance, thus making it less useful to you.
bleeding steam out of radiator

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Method 3

  • In steam radiators, the problem of clogged steam trap may also occur.  It is important to let this steam out for the proper functioning of the device.
  • To solve this issue, you must first look for the steam trap which is located towards the bottom of the appliance near the outlet pipe.
  • What this steam trap does is that it sends the collected condensation back into the steam boiler.
  • In some of the cases the mineral deposits can make it stick in the open position or even in the closed position and this may in turn keep the radiator from heating up.
bleeding steam out of radiator

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It is important to bleed steam out of hot water radiators or steam radiators on a regular basis to utilize the appliances to their full potential. If you are uncomfortable when it comes to bleed steam out of hot water radiator, then you can always contact a professional through Mr Right services for general home appliances repair.

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