How to prevent yourself from unhealthy air?

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As the air quality outside has plummeted down, it has become risky for your health. The longer you are outside and in direct touch with the pollution outside, the worse it gets for you. Though most of you might not see the bad effects immediately, it does take a toll in the long run. To keep yourself healthy and safe from this pollution, there are some precautionary steps that you can take. Let us look at some tips about how to prevent yourself from unhealthy air. 

Sources of air pollution

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There are several elements present in the unhealthy air and all these come from different sources. Air pollution can be caused by both natural and man-made sources. Some common pollutants found in the polluted air include carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen oxide, lead, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, and other pollutants. These pollutants can come from numerous sources and some common sources are the following:  

  1. Industrial pollution
  2. Combustion
  3. Traffic exhaust
  4. Waste burning
  5. Burning of fossil fuels
  6. Construction and demolition projects

Steps to prevent yourself from the unhealthy air

When it comes to air pollution, you can not completely stop it immediately but, you can take some precautionary measures to prevent it from damaging your health too much. It is important to control the pollutants both inside and outside the house. Make sure to be prepared when going out and improve the air quality inside your house. Always remember to check the pollution forecast of your area daily. Following are some tips that you can follow to prevent yourself from the unhealthy air:

1. Restrict outside walks and activities

When the air outside falls to a bad level, try to restrict your outdoor activities. Avoid being on the outside for a long time and go out only when it’s very necessary. Avoid outdoor walks and exercises, especially for children, the elderly, and anyone with breathing issues. If it is unavoidable, don’t go during peak traffic hours. 

2. Use masks when going out

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Using face masks while going out helps in keeping the air that you breathe a little cleaner. Use N95/99 masks all the time, whenever you are outdoors. 

3. Ventilate your home

Circulation of air from inside to outside is very important. It helps in reducing the pollutant concentration in the air and improves the air quality. Ventilation is especially required while cooking, cleaning, etc. to remove the pollutants created inside. It is important to have a chimney in your kitchen and also an exhaust in the bathroom. 

4. Use air purifiers

Since opening windows is not a good option due to the pollution outside, it is better to invest in a good air purifier or dehumidifier. They help in keeping the air inside your home clean and maintaining proper humidity levels. A good air purifier removes pollen, bacteria, smoke, etc. from the air. And a good dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, ridding it of mold, bacteria, and viruses formed due to moisture. You can also bring home some air-purifying plants. The plants will brighten your home and purify the air as well by releasing oxygen inside the home and absorbing the carbon dioxide.

You can choose an air purifier from the following recommendations:

5. Take steam daily

Taking steam helps in clearing the air passage and when you use a few drops of essential oil like eucalyptus oil, it has an additional benefit. Eucalyptus oil helps in relaxing the body and also removes the particulate matter present in the air that is harmful to your health. So, you can make it a habit to take steam once daily, best if taken in the evening.

Some recommended steam inhalers to choose from are:

6. Take care of your diet

Besides the above precautions, one more thing to do is improve your diet. A better diet improves immunity and makes your body stronger from the inside. Include omega fatty acids and Vitamin C, and Magnesium-rich food in your diet. Eating jaggery also helps in detoxifying your body and preventing the bad effects of pollution. 


When it comes to pollution, we can all help in reducing it but, it will take some time. So, when the air quality becomes bad, it is important to take precautionary steps to keep yourself healthy. The above-mentioned tips will help you in preventing yourself from air pollution. It will help in keeping the air inside your home cleaner and reduce the damage that can be caused by the outside air.

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