Bring home an LG automatic washing machine for better cleaning of your clothes

How to use LG automatic washing machine
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LG is a very popular brand in India because of its affordability, durability and performance. A lot of people buy LG automatic washing machine to lessen the load of household work. The speciality of an LG automatic washing machine is that you can get clean clothes every day. Cleaning of clothes manually requires a lot of effort. With an automatic washing machine, you just need to load the washer with your pile of clothes and run the machine and your work is done. This is a modern invention and depending on the type of clothes you can select the washing cycle. So, it offers a great customizing option for the washing of your clothes.Here is how to use LG automatic washing machine and avail ts every feature-

User-friendly nature

It is easy to use this automatic washing machine, like any other machine of its kind. First out the detergent on the dispenser drawer and add them to the main wash compartment located there. Add detergent depending on the size of your clothes. Now turn on the washer and select a cycle you want for your clothes. Then select the setting and begin the cycle. The cycle time will be reflected in the control panel and you will understand that such amount of time your clothes will be ready.

All the old pattern washing machines are top loading while the front-loading ones are much recent. When you upgrade your top loading LG automatic washing machine to a front loading one, you can explore a whole lot of facilities for your laundry. You will see many differences between the two types of washing machines.

The front-loading automatic washing machine is much more efficient compared to a top loading one. They use energy and water in a more efficient manner than the top loading machines and possess superb cleaning capacity. This is the reason now a day’s people are increasingly switching on to front-loading models.

The top loading ones are easy to handle. You just require your clothes inside the machine and pour some detergent and close the lid and allow the machine to run. Front loaders are also very simple, but they accommodate advanced features and thus ensure better cleaning. One benefit of this automatic washing machine is that they clean clothes in a gentle manner and help clothes to last long.

One big difference you will notice that your new front-loading washing machine does not come with that agitator in the centre featured in your top loading one.

User-friendly nature

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This allows you to put a maximum number of clothes in the machine and thus make clothes cleaner. Spacing is also easy with this front-loading automatic washing machine because since the door is located in the front, it can be adjusted with a dryer to make it more flexible and convenient.

Preparing to use your washing machine

The LG automatic washing machine is very innovative. It comes with 6Motion™ Technology which indicates 6 different types of washing motions required for your clothes for strong cleaning, gentle and such others. You just need to fix your laundry and load them into the washer. Arrange the clothes depending on their fabric materials and to optimize cleaning,

Different fabrics have different needs. For best results, sort clothes into loads that can be washed with the same wash cycle. After putting detergent, turn on the LG automatic washing machine by pressing the on-off button. Then selecting a cycle and presetting the wash/rinse temperature will follow. Set the spin speed, soil level, and all the option settings for that cycle as per the nature of your clothes.Now you can change the cycle set by choosing additional settings available in the control panel. This is for better protection of your clothes.

Select cycle options. You can comfortably add some other features like steam, delay wash or cold wash.  These customizing features are what everyone looks for now a day. As you press the start/pause button and the cycle will begin. You can stop abruptly by pressing the stop pause button again and see for other options. The LG automatic washing machine guide for a first-time user- it features Wash mode, Rinse mode, Spinning mode, Dryer, Top loading or front loading, Option of cold and hot water.

The front lading LG automatic washing machine is expensive compared to a top-loading gone. The only disadvantage you will have is that you will have to bend down every time you will need to wash your clothes. For elderly, it is not a good option.

Setting up your LG automatic washing machine will not be a difficult task. Just connect it to the power plug and then connect the hot and cold inlets to water pipes.

Preparing to use your washing machine

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Get a good washing power and then switch on the machine. You can set the water
level manually. If you want your clothes to be germ-free, then you should use hot water in your washing machine. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the wash cycle in this top-loading automatic washing machine.

Washing Mode

This automatic washing machine is designed to simply rotate the clothes after soaking in the water mixed with washing powder. It will involve a few rotations for the purpose of removing dirt and stains.

Rinsing Mode

This is designed to release the wastewater from this automatic washing machine and fill in fresh water to reclean the foam created by the washing powder. It properly cleans the washing powder remains in your clothes to produce better hygienic clothes.


After rinsing is completed, this automatic washing machine will rotate the clothes once again and in this stage, eliminates 80 percent of water from the clothes. You just need to dry out the clothes manually under the sun for a few minutes, depending on the amount of sunshine. However, if you live in a cold country, you will need a dryer.


The dryer dries out the clothes by providing hot water inside the clothes with an increased spinning speed. This automatic washing machine will consume more power at this stage and if you want to save electricity then you should not use spinning frequently. This machine cleans clothes well and thus creates a very good smell in the clothes which you will love to wear every time.


It is very important to maintain your LG automatic washing machine. Leave the door of your machine for a few minutes to allow the interior of your machine can dry themselves. If you leave them damp, it will create Mildew and mould which could be harmful to your skin.

The gentle wash in this automatic washing machine is for delicate clothes which should be washed with cold water and a mild detergent. When you see your garments written as mild washing, they should go under gentle wash.

Normal washing cycles are suited for daily used clothes, strong fabrics such as cotton/ polyester. Hot water should be used for them. However coloured clothes should be washed separately from white clothes at a cold temperature.

These are the all necessary details related to how to use LG automatic washing machine to guide you for any future use.

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    I have a pretty good washing machine, but most of my clothing loses its quality, so I don’t know what’s the problem.

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    There are more than a few errors in this article.
    Example: “The dryer dries out the clothes by providing hot water inside the clothes with an increased spinning speed.”
    ➡️ The dryer uses hot air to dry clothes, it doesn’t provide hot water.
    Example: “The front lading LG automatic washing machine is expensive compared to a top-loading gone.”
    ➡️ It’s “front loading” and “gone” should be “one” or “model.”
    Example: “You just need to dry out the clothes manually under the sun for a few minutes, depending on the amount of sunshine.”
    ➡️ It takes much longer than “a few minutes” to dry clothes outside.
    This article has far too many contradictions and outright bad advice to be helpful.

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    Dear Urvashi I was planning to purchase washing machine and I landed to your article which has helped me to understand in and out of washing machines. Thanks for sharing such an article and making me knowledgeable.

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