5 common oven problems and their solutions

oven problems
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The oven in your kitchen fulfils way more tasks than you give it credit for and is hence one of the most useful devices in the house.  Not only does it helps you cook delicious food but also enables you to try different methods of cooking such as grilling, toasting and baking etc. However if you are not careful with its functioning or have been using it for many years without servicing or maintenance then it can start showing signs of problems which you may need to resolve to use it to its full potential. The following is a list of the 5 common oven problems and their solutions:

1. Inconsistent temperature

One of the most common oven problems includes inconsistent temperature or heat.  To test the accuracy of thermostat you can preheat your oven and then use a thermometer.  Take the user manual and recalibrate an old oven with its help. For this, you may need to turn the screws behind the temperature knobs. If the thermostat comes out to be faulty then you may need to get it replaced.

2. The door not closing tightly

Another common oven problem includes a door which does not close tightly.  For this, first open the door and then inspect the seal which is clipped to its front.  Peel the soiled and damaged seal and replace it. Make sure you buy one which looks like the original one.  For self cleaning ovens, leave the seal replacement to professionals.

oven door not closing tightly

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3. Improper cooking

A lot of people complain that the food cooked inside their oven isn’t proper and uneven.  This could be a result of a burning element.  For checking or resolving the issue, you must first disconnect the power by tripping the switch and then take off the screws which hold the element in position.  Have the element tested after taking it out. If it comes out to be faulty, then get it replaced.

4. Stove sides which are hard to clean

One of the common oven problems that a lot of people encounter is when it becomes hard to keep the stove sides clean. In such a case, you can install T shaped plastic gaskets inside the oven. These must be slipped in between the bench tops and the stove.  When the gaskets get dirty or soiled, you can take them out and wash them before installing them back again.

Oven door looks wonky

If you have been observing soot or staining around the door of your oven, then it is a sign that it is warped.  To solve this issue, you first need to open the door and then loosen the screws near the corners which connect the outer and the inner panels.  Push down on the door and then twist from side to side. After this tighten the screws and close the door.

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