How to repair a hand blender

repair a hand blender
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Hand blenders prove to be great kitchen tools which help us with several things in the kitchen including chopping, blending, pureeing and mixing etc.  They make cooking and preparation of food easier and less time consuming and are thus essential. This is why if they ever stop working or do not function properly, it can create a problem for us. It is thus important to keep them clean and well maintained to avoid facing issues. However if you are experiencing any hand blender related problem, you must know how to repair it. The following are some tips to repair a hand blender.

1. Test the switch

  • The first way to repair a hand blender is to test the switch since the most common problems with this appliance are related to the switch.
  • If you are switching on the blender but even then it is not working then you can take a volt-ohm meter to check the switch.
  • When you check, then the reading should be a low ready result but if you get infinity then you may need to replace the switch.
hand blender switch

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2. Open and clean the motor body

  • A lot of problems related to hand blenders arise when the motor body isn’t clean.
  •  So it is important to open the motor body using a screwdriver and check the entire unit.
  • Wipe and clean all the contacts. Do this using a clean cloth and a brush.
  • Make sure you spray all the openings of the body as well as the terminals present on the back portion too.
hand blender motor

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3. Check the fuse

  • After unscrewing the motor body, you must disassemble the appliance further to reach the fuse which is located in the inner portion.
  • To check the fuse, remove the wire connector which joins the lead box containing the fuse as well as the power cord of the blender.
  • Connect the volt-ohm meter and see the reading.
  • If the reading is high, then you must replace the fuse.
hand blender fuse

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4. Check the blade shaft

  • In some cases, problems with hand blenders arise due to jammed blade shaft as well.
  • If this is the case, then you must disassemble the appliance unit till you reach the blade shaft.
  • The blockage is usually due to stuck up debris and food particles.
  • Clean any of these particles and then use white grease to lubricate any rough areas.
  • Reassemble the unit again and check whether the blender is working fine after all these steps.
hand blender blade shaft

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If you have tried all the above given steps and the blender works fine, then great! But if you are still facing any issue then it is suggested that you contact a professional electrician or technician as there may be some other underlying issue that may need attention. It is rather easy to hire or contact electricians these days, thanks to service providers like Mr Right. So contact Mr Right today for any blender related problem such as blender not working etc.

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