The various different types of blenders

different types of blenders
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When it comes to blenders for kitchen use, most of us know about the two main categories which are hand blenders and jar blenders. So when we venture out in the market these are the two kinds that we mostly ask for. However it is important to know that there are many other categories and subcategories of blenders too and knowing about them will help you make a wiser purchasing decision.  This is why we have brought a detailed account of the different types of blenders available:

1. Immersion blenders

Out of the many different types of blenders, immersion blenders are the most commonly used ones. They are also known as hand held blenders or stick blenders which are used for blending liquids such as smoothies, soups etc.  They are ideal for soft products like fruits and also come with a small sized jar of their own sometimes.  Their main benefit is that you can blend hot liquids directly into pans using them.  While the low priced ones do not come with attachments, some of the better quality and higher priced ones offer multiple attachments.  There are even cordless varieties of immersion blenders available.

immersion blenders

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Another type of immersion blenders include commercial Heavy duty blenders which are not only made using high quality materials but also have a longer shaft. They have more motor power than home use immersion blenders and are hence more costly as well.

2. Countertop blenders

Another broad variety of blenders available in the market are the countertop blenders.  They are also known as the jar or jug blenders.  These blenders remain in a stationary position and are heavier and bulkier than immersion blenders.  They not only help to blend softer foods and liquids but harder ones as well such as ice, vegetables etc. They can be used for multiple purposes such as mixing, grinding, pureeing, chopping and others.

There are various types of countertop blenders and some of them include small personal blenders, cocktail making blenders, smoothie blenders and commercial quality jug blenders.  All of these vary in terms of prices as well as usage. For example, small personal blenders help with everyday kitchen tasks whereas smoothie blenders are mostly used to make smoothies, soups and other such things. Commercial heavy duty jug blenders on the other hand are used for commercial or professional purposes.

countertop blenders

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All the above given different types of blenders are easily available in the market and can be bought online as well these days. Now that you know the various types of blenders, you can decide which is the most suitable one for your usage.  Make sure you read about each category in detail and discuss the usage with the seller so that you don’t make a mistake. Once bought, you must clean the blenders on a regular basis besides other points of maintenance. If you are facing any problem with your existing blender such as blender not working, you can call a professional by contacting Mr Right services.

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