Common problems with hand blenders that you will encounter

hand blender problems
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Hand blenders are superb kitchen tools which prove useful to us on an everyday basis.  They make preparation of food not just easy but also a lot more time saving and convenient.  They help us with mixing foods and liquids and also blending them properly. To be able to make full use of them and to take their worth out, you must use them in a certain proper way.  Hand blenders can start showing signs of faults or problems if not used correctly. The following are some of the most common problems with hand blenders that you can encounter:

1. Problems with the switch

Hand blenders can often develop problems related to the switch.  If you are trying to use the switch on the blender and it doesn’t seem to be working properly then you can check it using a volt-ohm meter.  When setting the meter on the RX1 scale, it should show a low ready result.  But if the reading is infinity, then the issue must be repaired or the switch may need to be replaced.

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hand blender switch

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2. Blade shaft jammed

Another one of the common problems with hand blenders is a jammed blade shaft.  If this is the case then you must disassemble the model until you gain access to it and then clean out any debris or food particles that you may seem.  Use a white grease to lubricate the rough areas, if any. In most of the cases of blade shaft jam, the reason is food particles, dust and debris that block the path of rotation.

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blade shaft jammed

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

3. Blender not working

One of the most common problems with hand blenders is blender not working completely. This could be a result of an issue with the fuse.  To check the fuse, you may first need to disassemble the unit till you reach the inner body where the fuse is located.  Check it by removing the wire connector joining the lead box. This contains both the fuse box and the power cord of your blender.  Take a volt-ohm meter and clip its probes on both ends of the lead box.  Set it to RX1 scale and then check the reading. If the reading is high, you may need to replace the fuse.

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4. Check the motor body and clean it

There are certain other issues that can arise with hand blenders.  If you have followed the repair methods given above, you can try another thing. For this, take a screwdriver to open the body and clean over all the contacts. Wipe them off properly and spray all the openings. Cleaning alone can help solve a lot of issues.  But if the problem is not resolved, then you can consider calling a professional for help.

Problems with hand blenders are common and also fairly easy to repair on your own. However if you are unable to do the repair work, then you can always contact a professional for blender not working or other problems. Reach out to Mr Right for all such services.

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    The motor on my Braun 6-speed emersion blender works fine if I run it without the blade section attached, but when the blade section is attached, the motor races but barely turns the blade. Is there some internal part that a layperson can repair or replace?

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    Mine braun 600 watts turbo blade not working how can i repair it can i open the top to check the problems

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