How to use a blender: complete description

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A blender is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen and is totally indispensible.  Without a blender, it is difficult to imagine most of our recipes as it helps us blend vegetables, nuts and several other items. A blender is one of the easiest appliances to use since all you need to do is to press the button and you are done. However if you are new to it, then you might want to learn some things about it and its usage. The following will explain how to use a blender step by step.

1. Step 1 Plug in, check whether it’s usable

The first thing that you need to do is to check whether the blender is clean on the inside as well as on the outside. If yes, then proceed by plugging it in and bringing it in a usable condition.

2. Step 2 put all the ingredients inside

Depending upon what you are cooking or preparing, you must add the ingredients inside the blender.  Make sure you do not add more quantity than the blender can hold as this may force the blender to throw things around. Moreover, for certain items like solids, you may need to add just a little bit of water so that the blending can be made smoother.

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3. Step 3 close the lid properly

The next step is to close the lid of the blender properly and then hold it while you blend the items inside.  The cover must be held tightly to avoid any of the ingredients flying out.  Before you press the button, make sure the blender is secure in its place on the bottom and properly locked.

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4. Step 4 press GO

Different blenders may have different buttons which are usually for the speed and intensity of blending. You can try experimenting with these buttons to know their individual functions. Usually, the start and stop button are the same but in some buttons, there is a separate stop button which you may need to press once you are done.

5. Step 5 stop and pour the contents out

When you are done blending, you can press the stop button and check whether the desired results are achieved. If yes, then pour the contents out in a bowl. If not, then blend for some more time at the right speed.

6. Step 6 clean the blender

Once the contents are properly poured out in the bowl, you must take the blades off and wash them as well as the blender properly.  Washing with water is usually enough however you can also use some soap for better results.

It is important to follow the right method of using the blender to avoid any kind of problems. Some common blender related problems that you may encounter include, blades not working properly, blender not working at all and jar not locking correctly etc. If your blender is not working, then to resolve this issue, you can contact Mr Right.

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