Buying guide for a perfect blender for your kitchen!

Best blender buying guide

A blender is a kitchen appliance used to mix ingredients or puree food. Some would say that a blender is not an essential kitchen appliance, while others can’t even think of a single day in kitchen without  it. Whatever may be the point of view, a blender can make food preparation really easy and much more efficient, thus saving lot of time in kitchen. Once you use a blender, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. For those who love baking cakes and biscuits; enjoy making cocktails and smoothies would understand what I am talking about. But it is difficult to decide which blender you should get for yourself and you can make the right decision by following the buying guide for a perfect blender.

Buying a kitchen blender may sound like a simple task but it requires some consideration to ensure that your purchase meets your requirement. There are quite a variety of blenders available in the market. Some have the basic functions while the others are advance versions with sophisticated features and functions.

Following are the points of buying guide for a perfect blender that you must put into consideration before investing in a blender:

Type of cooking you do most often

Things to consider when buying a blender

There are basically two types of blenders- the jug or jar counter blender  and the stick or hand blender. Your first purchase decision will be to decide which type better meets your needs. If you make puddings, smoothies, frozen drinks, shakes and sauces quite often then jar blender is what you need. Jar blenders are quite effective in crushing ice (for making yummy and chilled shakes and smoothies). (Picture Source:

Types of blender

Hand blenders or stick blenders on other hand are good for mixing and blending small batches in bowls or removing lumps from soups and batter, whipping creams, churning butter, making smooth purees of semi-solid ingredients, such as cooked vegetables. Few hand blenders come with chopping jars and other accessories which enhances their utility. Hand or stick blenders are available in corded as well as cordless versions. (Picture

So if you are a shake & smoothie person go for jar blender but if you need help in mixing small batches of cake batter or just simple mixing, then go for hand blender. Though it is great to have both types of blender in a kitchen as each has its utility and usability.

Look for important features in blender

It totally depends on you what types of blender you want in your kitchen, but there are some other important features as well that you must consider while looking for a perfect blender for your kitchen:

  • Sufficient power to meet your food preparation requirements. For mixing and whipping low power of 300W is sufficient but crushing ice needs more power (at least 500W). In India you can find good blenders with 600W DC motor like that of Philips and Morphy Richards.
  • Strong stainless steel blade assembly that can crush ice easily.
  • Variable speed control feature
  • Easily removable or detachable blade assembly for cleaning
  • Easy locking system
  • Nice and slim design for great looks
  • Additional beaker, chopper and other accessories like a whisk, rubber mat for grip
  • Comfortable grip for ease and safety while usage

Do not compromise on warranty

Be sure to look for the manufacturer’s warranty. Do not buy a blender which has less or no warranty. Be very clear on what your warranty covers like blade change, motor damage, some minor part damage etc.

Consider customer’s reviews and ratings

Users or owners ratings on a product tell a lot about the rights and wrongs of that product. Browse the internet and read the reviews of customers on different types and brands of blenders. The experience of owners can give you a true picture about the features of blender you are planning to purchase.

Choose a brand that is trustworthy

Choose a brand you trust. Chances are if you own an appliance from that name brand and it serves you well your blender will probably live up to the repute. Philips, Morphy Richards, Kenwood, are some famous names for kitchen appliances in India.

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