How to clean a blender: fantastic tips

cleaning a blender
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Blender is one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen as well as in homes. This device must be kept well maintained and properly cleaned so that the functioning doesn’t get interrupted. Any appliance which is not cleaned properly may not work as efficiently as it used to. This is why it is important to clean a blender on a regular basis and that to in a proper way. This article will help you learn how to clean a blender and will provide some useful tips and suggestions:

Step 1: take the blender apart

The first thing to do is to take the blender apart from the base. Remove the lid and unscrew the bottom element. Now you should remove the gasket seal as well as the blade.

Step 2: wash the jar properly

Now the next thing that you need to do is to wash the jar properly. This is the part that requires the maximum cleaning. To wash it, use warm and soapy water and then take a dish rag or sponge to scrub it properly. Rinse the jar thoroughly and make sure you dry it completely. You can also wash the jar of the blender in the top rack of the dishwasher.

washing the jar

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Step 3: wash the other small pieces of the blender

Now wash the other small pieces of the blender such as cutting blade, gasket seal and locking ring etc. For this, you can make use of warm soapy water but be careful of the sharp edges of the blade and other parts. Rinse all of them properly with clear water and then dry thoroughly.

cleaning smaller parts

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Step 4: clean the motor housing

Now the next step involves cleaning of the motor housing. First, wipe the motor/base of the device using a damp and warm cloth. But remember that you must not submerge the base or motor in water completely. It is not safe to put the motor or base in the dishwasher as well. All you need to do with it is to wipe it down only. The cord too must be wiped down on a periodic basis and check it for damage once in a while.

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Step 5: Reassemble the blender and store

Once you are done washing and drying the blender properly, you must reassemble it carefully. Check each part for any damage etc and if not, then store the appliance. Store it on either the countertop or any other location where it can be accessed easily. However if you do not use the blender on a regular basis, then you must store it somewhere it cannot be accessed easily.
Now that you know how to clean a blender, you must follow the steps given above on a regular basis so that no problem comes up. However if you are still facing any blender related problems or if blender not working, then you can call a professional by contacting Mr Right services.

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