Blender not working? Here’s how to fix it

cleaning a blender
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A food blender is one of the most usable electric appliances and can be found in most of the kitchens around the world.  It performs the simple function of blending foods and liquids and is used several times a day in most homes. However due to its heavy usage, a blender may start showing certain problems from time to time and may even stop working. If your blender is not working then there could be many reasons for it. If you are facing the issue of blender not working, then you can fix it by reading the following:

1. Check for power connectivity

You can check for power connectivity if blender not working. This can be checked by first disconnecting the power cord and then test the electrical switch by turning the blender switch to ‘on’ position.  Use a multimeter and press the blender’s switches one at a time.  If there is a low reading then the switch is working.  Otherwise you will have to change the blender’s switch.

2. Clean the terminals

Another thing you can do to fix a blender which is not working is to clean the terminals.  For this first remove the plastic faceplate which covers the housing and switch buttons so as to expose the screws holding the switch housing cover.  Now remove the screws which attach the plate to the housing.  To clean, spray solvent on the contacts, terminals and openings.  This too might work and may fix your blender.

3. Check the fuse

Another thing you can do is to check or test the fuse. For this, first find the fuse which is at the end of the wire that comes from the terminal to which power cord is attached.  Use a voltmeter to take the reading. If the reading is high, you may have to replace the fuse but make sure you get the one which is of the correct size.

blender not working

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

4. Make sure the blender is not jamming

Another possible cause of blender not working could be jamming.  For this you must first disassemble the drive and then turn the blade shaft.  If it seems to be jammed, check what is the cause of jamming.  In most cases it is debris in the blades of the blender that causes jamming. Either try removing the debris or replace the coupling.

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5. Do a final check

The next thing that you need to do after going through all of the above points is to give the blender a final check.  Plug the blender in and press its switches.  The blender should be working fine now and the only reason why it wouldn’t be a motor burnout.  In this case, you may have to get the motor replaced or the blender replaced.

Blender not working is a common problem and is usually caused by one of the above. However if you are not able to understand or fix the issue, you must reach for professional help. Contact Mr Right for blender not working or any other blender problem.

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    I bought a smoothie maker recently and today I opened the box and thought to prepare a smoothie for myself, it doesn’t work? Can you please give me a solution. It’s new and not working 😔😅

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    My moulinex blender motor is working good, but the blades work only when water is inside the blander and as soon as i add some bananas it is stoping spinning. Can u tell me what can be a cose of a problem?

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