How to clean a mixer grinder: tips and suggestions

cleaning a blender
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Mixer grinders or simply mixers are very commonly used kitchen appliances which can be found in almost all households across the world.  These appliances help us with several tasks in the kitchen and it is impossible to imagine even a single day without them.  To avoid facing any problems which can interrupt the usage, you must maintain and clean the mixers on a regular basis. If you are confused as to how to clean a mixer, then this article will prove to be really useful for you. The following are some of the tips that will help you learn how to clean a mixer grinder:

1. Use lemon peels to clean a mixer

One of the best ways to clean a mixer is to make use of lemon peels. For this, first extract all the juice out of a lemon and then use the peel.  Rub the peel on the lid as well as the inner part of the utensil. This will not only help remove the pungent smell but will also help you scrub it to remove small particles.  Let the utensil be for 15 minutes and then wash it properly using clean water.

2. Use baking powder

Another great way to clean a mixer is to use baking powder. Take baking powder and some water and make a paste.  Now apply this paste on the mixer and leave it there for about 15 minutes.  Now wash the container using clean and clear water.  This helps to clean it completely and also remove the odour that is left inside.

baking soda for cleaning mixer

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3. Use vinegar for stains

In order to clean stains that are left on the mixer due to extended usage, you can make use of vinegar.  Make a solution using 2 tablespoons of vinegar and some water.  Pour this solution into the mixer container and grind for about 2 seconds.  Check if all the stains have been removed. If not, then grind again with a little less water in the container.

4. Use liquid detergent solution for cleaning

Take about one or two drops of liquid detergent and drop it in the mixer container with some water. Swirl this solution in the mixer for about 2 seconds and then rinse the container well using clean water.  This method too helps to clean a mixer properly and can be done on a regular basis.

liquid detergent

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5. Use alcohol to clean a mixer

To make your mixer a shiny one and also in order to remove the pungent smell, you can make use of alcohol to clean the mixer.  Soak the mixer in a solution made of alcohol and water and let it be there for about 10 minutes. Rinse the container properly using clean water.

If you haven’t been cleaning your mixer regularly, then it can start showing faults and may not work properly. If you are someone who is facing any mixer related faults or problems such as juicer mixer grinder not working, then you can contact Mr Right for corrective services.

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    These are the great ways to clean mixer grinder. Usually people clean their mixer grinder using detergent and water regularly but once in a week they should clean using the above given options. This way mixer grinder stay clean and shiny for long time.

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    Great information. We tried lot of things to clean the mixer grinder properly but it dosent work. Your tips helps to clean the mixer grinder properly. These cleaning tips are awesome and everyone should try this. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

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    Thanks for sharing this tip and suggestions it’s really working and I have tried lots of things with my mixer grinder but its never work.
    Nice post keep it up
    Thank You.

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