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    Blender not working

    Blender not working


    Do you generally crave a cool and fresh glass of fruit shake or juice? Do you prefer making juice on your own instead of buying packaged ones? So, a blender/ juicer is the ideal appliance for all your needs.

    Duration Same day service
    Turnaround Time 2 hours
    Pricing Fault based
    • Diagnosis
    • Cost of parts replaced

    Blender not working FAQs

    Is there any warranty provided?
    Yes, the warranty of the part replaced is valid.

    More about Blender not working

    Blenders are great at making all kinds of drinks – cold or warm. All you need to do is to make sure it’s kept clean and continue to function as it’s supposed to be. An electric blender/ juicer may experience problems such as damaged switch, main lead damage, motor damage and bush/ shaft damage.